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Can the game assets/ship names/references be used in another game?

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  • Can the game assets/ship names/references be used in another game?

    Hey, I'm new.

    Do you guys know if I can draw my game assets based on the VIE originals? And also use the ship names...
    The reason I ask is this:

    The ship renderings were taken in engine...
    base #aaaaaa, decal0 #ff5544
    base #3399ff, decal1 #ffffff (crux on the wing)

    Please let me know if I shouldn't be doing it :P

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    the assets were sold to another company, and they wont care until you start making money, and then you will be getting knocks on your door
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      Ok, I'll try to make my assets "less inspired" by SS ones... Guess redrawing doesn't work if I have the same set of ships and names...
      I'm open to design and name suggestions
      The game will be more of an exploration and building game so, more role play, less pew pew everything that moves.


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        Hello... oh well, 2 years (and something) later, my project pretty much died by 2018 but I've resurrected it this year.
        Remember when I said it would be more rpg and less pew pew everything that moves? Oh well, I guess it's easier to make the pew pew one:

        The ship looks like a Jav but doesn't behave like a TW Jav. The WB one is still in the game but not currently available, I'll add customization and then the player will be able to select a ship in the future.
        Don't die to the bots.
        (no textures on rocks and pick up prizes yet... yet...)

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          very cool idea. Glad to see someone take interest in our beloved game to want to use it as a project. I’ll give it your game a shot when I have time. TW needs new faces!