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video cam: take a walk, in my shoes, in my hood

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  • video cam: take a walk, in my shoes, in my hood

    USE 1080p full screen, ignore embed.

    Rough neighborhood in terms of bringing to attention the haves and have nots. Gee, must've been all the hard work the haves do.

    I recorded this 3 days ago using a Galaxy tab S3 (2017 FlagSip debut)

    Any point in this is is less than 1 mile from Synosia Station, hidden from cam

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    Hello Gamers, I know the video looks like a strange place but I assure you, it's real. This place you are seeing is called OUTSIDE. You cant get to it from the basement, you have to go upstairs and find what's called your exit. Many homes have two. The beings you see in video arent HD avatars , they are real people. What you do is interact with them. No they arent the latest ai dolls either. They are like you. What you do is befriend some of them. Some of them are what's called the opposite sex and you may feel drawn to one. This thread has no room for full explanation so look up on the net the birds and the bees. You can also add a minus sign to sexbots to ur search like this: -sex bots. You can also drink real beer with them and have a vape pen or cig. Very social drugs that will make u cool and women sexy. Dont smoke daily though, neither of the two, the squares and the weed.

    I wish I could get out more. It's not much out there for me to do. I'm naturally a social being but the other people can be weird, inhibited, internalized, close minded, close hearted, dissociative and what are called Pseudosocial flake people. If you were born yesterday, or came here from some other planet, and weren't used to them as a whole, you would likely think of then as unfortunately of very limited conscious and exist in quasi-autistic quasi-psychopathic abnormality as the consensus and unison norm. You probably want to call your Exoteam Alien DNA repair team back home and report the biggest genetic catastrophe you've ever seen. But like minds get alike more, so go have better luck than I have had, with your vibrations, aura and thoughtforms than me.

    I'm new here, your planet sucks targ balls enlarged with Klingon steroids. I dont like your systems or this body I was born into. And how the fuck do they screw up gender so much here, why oh? We got a rainbow movement and folks even being born in the wrong gender. Give J a fucking break. So what if he got mad a couple times losing matches. Come on, J is nice, she is nice to me and has two spirit high conscious and a good heart of treated right. You treat me better now than 2005 but most are gone.

    By the way I once gave only regretfully Saturn V's request for the ToneGate hoax.... thought people would be smart enough to see ed are too different and extensively active for you to believe it long.
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          Originally posted by Zeebu View Post
          Ohh!, i get it. You Mean my sound track is so good its like ear sex because the ferengi have orgasm receptors on their ears and the act of stimulating them is called OO-MOX !!

          Yes, Excellent reply, I personally believe i have the best ever collection of songs/tracks/singles. In terms of ignoring Artist/Band, Albums, Genres & Styles, all being ignore, what you have left is the single and i try to be the very best at it

          Many of my videos have been unlisted but posted here.....

          Lets make this thread into T0NE's Totally Truetastic Tracks -- Tracks that are so real, so true, they will blow your mind and swallow !! !! !! !!

          Lets see here in the main index.....

          Oh I know, I know, Try this oneZeebu, Try This one !! !! this one will Ejact all the Erawax out of your Ears

          Heres a little mini Track i made on my Tablet using Caustic Mobile App !!


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            This one may not have been posted yet -- I call this Genre of music Spiritual-Trance. Spiritual-Trance is usually around 170, 180 BPM and uses the art of Hypnotic repetition, Overall, Spiritual-Trance gives off a vibrational essence hard for people to relate to:

            More Spiritual-Trance Music :


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              that looks pretty cool
              gmail sign up


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                thanks again


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                  zeebu and t0ne both love star touch dingledoinks
                  big sean> L!O!L!
                  Cres> ?
                  Cres> its mine now.
                  destruct <> WATER U DEWIN
                  paradise> Dewin? Ill take that. using that now
                  destruct <> u welcum
                  thix> Lol this shit is ban hannah's.
                  cripple> ?
                  paradise> ?
                  Cres> You can keep that one.


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                    Excuse my long absence. I tried to kill myself with a massive overdose in early August shortly after this thread . and somehow live through it. I was in an emergency room Hospital, then I was in a psych ward and then another facility for a little while


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                      T0ne .. so glad you are ok and back. I know I am not alone feeling this way. You are soo cool. Maybe you can find some new inspiration for a cool song to write or something after all you just went through. Glad I didn't lose a friend in game and out ! HUGS
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                        Originally posted by Jessup View Post
                        T0ne .. so glad you are ok and back. I know I am not alone feeling this way. You are soo cool. Maybe you can find some new inspiration for a cool song to write or something after all you just went through. Glad I didn't lose a friend in game and out ! HUGS

                        See everybody? See how nice Jesup is and how she has a good heart? She's a great two spirit. Why would any of you troll this beautiful person? Jess was the only one who replied nice to my threads back in late 2016. And that's how I became Jess's friend. Any of you who troll Jess is just a dumbass bitch probably jealous. So what if Jessup got mad a few times for losing a game and last out a few times out of hundreds and hundreds of matches. That's not proportionate to how much trolling there is. That's all Jessica ever did and the rest is bullshit.

                        Well thank you for the reply. I should be dead because this was a very very massive overdose in I believe it was August 8th. I took $250 worth of stuff I ordered online Plus all my prescriptions. I fell into a coma for a day and a half then was taken to the emergency room which I do not remember much of because of all the blackouts. I also washed all that down with 12 oz of vodka. Without getting into the details I would say my OD was more severe than Michael Jackson's or my mother who died of an OD in 2016. But yet I'm alive by some sort of miracle and if I gave you the details of everything I took you would fucking call it a miracle.

                        Currently I am no longer suicidal and I am doing better in my new home. Not much better but a little better than being trapped in the old place that I hated for being there too long. I don't have a tablet to compose a caustic track and I don't have my computer studio anymore. All I've got is this phone and the 6 Gigabytes I bought. But Amazon fires are pretty cheap and they perform well with caustic. Anyone here Rich want to buy me an Amazon fire HD?

                        Surviving my attempt is like winning 20 elims in a row. It does not bother me to say personal things on the forum, I don't give a fuck. Hugs back to Jessup a very great person. I hope you don't mind my reply about the trolling thing mixed in with all of this.

                        I dictated this reply into the microphone so if there's any strange word replacements that is why
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                          Can I embed a vimeo video? Will it work?

                          Here's the URL in case it doesn't work right :


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                            still unsure if you're the most dedicated and long-term troll this zone has ever seen.
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