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18th Birthday

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  • 18th Birthday

    Today is my birthday and im 18! along with Childrn of light (19) and some other i dont know who is (16). Yay!

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    Happy Birthday like age matters? I would say congrats but for what? did you do anything acheiving? so umm...yeah

    meh sry just in a depressive mood
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      Happy Birthday KAM, you gonna go to a cheap strip joint for celebration? Where I come from thats tradition.
      2 time TWLD runner up.

      If not a medal, cant I get a Ribbon??


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        lol Kaos u weirdo ...

        Anyway, Gratz Kam
        Hello. My dilemma is this: I love my guitar, but my guitar don't love me back. What should I do? Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitar was his first wife, she didn't speak to him, she spoke for him. That's the kind of relationship I'm trying to develop with it.

        Dr. Zaius Replies:

        As much as I work with your kind, you humans never cease to baffle me. It is bizarre and pathetic that you expect your "love" for an inanimnate object to be returned. The real problem is that music is a high art, and as such it requires a higher intelligence, and a fully developed set of emotions. Give up.