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TSL Finals - Reschedule or forget?

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    Originally posted by mtine View Post
    I said it before and I'll say it again: this zone needs more diversity. More stuff to do. Not just one league, like TSL, over and over again. It becomes tedious and boring. Why not do TSL, then a world cup in between for like a month, then a Racing League, then another season of TSL, then TWDT, then TWD cup, more TSL, Hokki Cup, etc.?
    As always, it's simply due to a lack of people willing to commit to running a league. It takes a lot of effort, requires recruitment and organization of a fair number of people, and you have to guarantee that you'll log on during specific days. And as it's nobody's job to run the zone, whenever something comes up in real life, the spaceship game quickly takes a back seat.

    We'd all love to see more running. Just need people willing to put in the time. (Anyone interested in running a league, please chime in.)
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      Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, calling off TSL finals. We will figure out a more meaningful way to end the season for next season of TSL to avoid players losing interest before the season is over. Medals will be awarded to all the finalists (All-Stars) within the next week. Stay tuned for next league announcements!
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        That sucks but I understand. The only reason to play the regular season is for the finals though. It's not that fun playing 5v5 and 1 or 2 good players on each team and hunting out newbs and reccing, because that is what TSL has turned into for most good players. Bad players it has turned into hiding and running for sake of being hunted. The only thing to look forward to is a season ending 5v5 of 10 good players and a real dueling or basing match. Just my opinion though.
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          Originally posted by Henry Saari View Post
          Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, calling off TSL finals.
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            Finals are fine should just hope to reach through to though. Always wonder if Draft has finals, in basic just a medal for the season winners in usual it seems - no finals as in TSL.
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