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    Ok, 128 Warbirds, 128 Javelins, and 64 Spiders. Playoffs will begin in approximately two weeks, as two weeks from today gets closer I'll have a more exact day/time for you guys to know. When they start, everyone will automatically get a playoff match. Players who have not taken part in a duel in the past two weeks will be ineligible for playoffs. It is up to you to get in touch with your opponent to schedule a time for the match. Every hour, the bot will send out a pm to every player who has a match and allow them to get credit for being online by typing !yes # (# is the number the bot PM's to you). If you type !yes, you are responsible for being on for the next 5 minutes. If your opponent shows up and does !yes # also, the match will start and you will forfeit if you do not show up.

    As far as playoff structures, each league will have a double elimination bracket so you get two chances to win before being eliminated. Duels are to 20, no spawning allowed, no warping allowed, corner warps on death, and win by two.

    That's about it.... so go try to get into playoffs!
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    I'm glad you got the bot solved Ikrit. Credits of that to you! =)

    Also glad to hear that the playoffs will start in a week or few. I wonder who will win.

    Wish you good luck everyone who participates the playoffs!

    And once again thank you Ikrit for doing a great job.
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    3:i.d.> da fk is that?
    3:Ardour> we basically are each others personal psychologist
    3:Shadowmere> i.d., Wax breaks keyboards playing SubSpace. Best not ask him what anything is.
    3:Wax> Tummy sticks is the situation, commonly referred to as a game, in which two erect men cuddle closely and face-to-face causing their two erect penises, or sticks, to push upwards between their stomachs, or tummys.
    3:Wax> Sticks combine with tummys, hence the name "tummy sticks."
    3:Shadowmere> LOL
    3:i.d.> Oddly, that's close to what I thought it was...

    Best> I never cooked a day in my life

    Deft> beat by a guy who plays ss on his cellphone
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      Assuming all goes well from now until December 24th, playoffs will begin on December 25th at like 12:01am CST.
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        On Christmas? Oh, that's a brilliant idea. Why not December 26th?
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          Maybe because it's completely automated so it doesn't matter when it starts... and I also don't have to force the next round until I feel like it so it won't really affect you if can't get on christmas day... and also because it may be better for some people that can only get on when home from college so they can get a round or two done quick and have a few weeks off or whatever
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            I went through today and setup playoff eligibilities, if your name was enabled and had a match or even just got lag check'd by someone in ?go duel, you were eligible for playoffs. I didn't check jav/spider, but in wb that got up to #173ish into the playoffs. When playoffs start (maybe tomorrow), you will receive a message via MessageBot with all of the details on your matches. MessageBot now pm's players when they login if they have new messages and pm's when a new message has arrived, so you don't have to sit around doing !messages all day waiting for it :-). That's about all for now...
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              #'s are 244 for wb, 298 for jav, and 135 for spider right now after taking out the ineligible people... but that could change if a bunch of active people knock inactives out... so yea... whatever
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                Ikrit, what happens if a person has a match at a certain date and time, but he can't play for the next 3-4 days. Does he automatically forfeit?
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                  Originally posted by Depre
                  Ikrit, what happens if a person has a match at a certain date and time, but he can't play for the next 3-4 days. Does he automatically forfeit?
                  I'm not going to tell people exact time/dates to have their matches, I'm going to give a round one week to finish before I autoadvance it so that it doesn't hold up the tournament. So, you won't have to worry about automatically forfeiting unless you and your opponent cannot find a time to have your match or you schedule it like 2 days before the round ends and you can't get on for 3-4 days.

                  Another thing... the playoffs are going to be put off for maybe another week, I had a couple of issues with the bot last night when I started it up... it's kind of hard to host playoffs when the bot crashes the entire zone. Gonna get that issue worked out soon and playoffs will be up ASAP.
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                    To get your match number:

                    PM MessageBot with !messages
                    Get the message number
                    PM MessageBot with !read # where # is the message number

                    To challenge your opponent:

                    Your opponent must be in the arena for you to challenge them, for a tournament duel PM DuelBot with !tchallenge # where # is the number you got from MessageBot by doing !read.

                    To accept a challenge:

                    PM DuelBot with !yes # where # is the number that DuelBot gives in the challenge PM.

                    TWEL Playoff schedule:

                    Every Tuesday night Winner and Loser's brackets get a forced round advance. Every Saturday night the Loser's bracket gets a forced round advance also due to it having twice as many rounds as the Winner's bracket.

                    So, auto-round advances will be on:

                    January 3rd - Winner 1st round
                    January 7th - Loser 1st round
                    January 10th - Winner 2nd round & Loser 2nd round
                    January 14th - Loser 3rd round
                    January 17th - Winner 3rd round & Loser 4th round
                    January 21st - Loser 5th round
                    January 24th - Winner 4th round & Loser 6th round
                    January 28th - Loser 7th round
                    January 31st - Winner 5th round & Loser 8th round
                    February 4th - Loser 9th round
                    February 7th - Winner 6th round & Loser 10th round
                    February 11th - Loser 11th round
                    February 14th - Winner 7th round & Loser 12th round

                    Those dates are all assuming I have to continue auto-advancing rounds. After the first round or two, all the people who are inactive or just don't want to play should be out and matches will go faster.
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                      Uh.. I was on for over an hour and the bot still has yet to pm me so i can

                      !yes it

                      Does that not work?
                      4 out of 5 people don't give a fuck!
                      You got shot!! Thats wtf!!


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                        Originally posted by Voth
                        On Christmas? Oh, that's a brilliant idea. Why not December 26th?

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                        Beasts> ur grandpa always runs around on ice singu?
                        Unorthadox> LMAO
                        Unorthadox> LMFAO
                        Singularit> mine does
                        Singularit> but hes ubergrandpa
                        Unorthadox> ROFL


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                          Originally posted by PhaithDzyne
                          Uh.. I was on for over an hour and the bot still has yet to pm me so i can

                          !yes it

                          Does that not work?
                          There was a slight malfunction in the PM'ing thing... you'll have to retrieve your game number from message like I detailed in my post above yours.
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                            I do got my game number.

                            And I challenge and obviously it says my opponent is not in the arena.

                            So does it not give me credit?
                            4 out of 5 people don't give a fuck!
                            You got shot!! Thats wtf!!


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                              Sigh.. GL 2 me