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    i was wondering, how many will get into playoffs this season? for wb/jav 128 or 64? and spid 32 or 64?

    also, even if the bot dies every now and then, its better than nothing, just put it back up when it dies :o

    an other question, will the playoffs still be delayed? or are they starting soon?

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    Originally posted by Asmodeus
    Important Notice: TWEL Playoffs will start sometime at the beginning of December. No set date has been confirmed yet. I'll try to keep you all updated when I can...if no one beats me to it first.
    They will inform us when the time comes, and how many players will get into the playoffs. Play as good as you can to make sure that you will enter the playoffs, if that is what you wish to do.

    The better position you get, the more opponents you get from the bottom of the playoff list.

    EDIT: RoboKing isnt too stable currently. The server it's on is unstable, making it crash every once in a while. Before that's fixed there's no point starting playoffs, because there's no set time when RoboKing always comes back, so DuelBot cannot be spawned back again always.
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    3:Wax> ard and i snapchat all the time
    3:Wax> we play virtually tummysticks
    3:i.d.> da fk is that?
    3:Ardour> we basically are each others personal psychologist
    3:Shadowmere> i.d., Wax breaks keyboards playing SubSpace. Best not ask him what anything is.
    3:Wax> Tummy sticks is the situation, commonly referred to as a game, in which two erect men cuddle closely and face-to-face causing their two erect penises, or sticks, to push upwards between their stomachs, or tummys.
    3:Wax> Sticks combine with tummys, hence the name "tummy sticks."
    3:Shadowmere> LOL
    3:i.d.> Oddly, that's close to what I thought it was...

    Best> I never cooked a day in my life

    Deft> beat by a guy who plays ss on his cellphone
    Shadowmere> Rofl
    Up in ya !> With his feet
    Deft> no kidding, redefining l44t
    Up in ya !> l44t feet
    Deft> l44t f44t*
    Up in ya !> Twinkle toes
    Deft> he had l33t f33t but he practiced


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      Thanks for that, Sertifi <er>.