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  • TWEL-J Season 10 Predictions

    Here are my predictions for TWEL-J Season 10. The order was extremely hard to come up with but I did my best while not being the most well-versed in jav dueling. First, here is Amnesti's opinion about 3 weeks ago.

    Mythril> whos your biggest competition in twelj this yr
    Amnesti <T> 24 dreamwin oyko stayon

    Shots fired.

    1. 24 - The champion from last season is back to defend his title. He ran through his bracket on his way to a 10-3 victory in about 5 minutes in the finals against runner-up Oyko (who beat Amputate in the semis in a match which lasted over an hour). That's how good this guy is. Although he hasn't been as active during qualifying, he's been active in TWJD and appears to be the favorite to repeat.

    2. Amnesti - Nobody cares about TWEL as much as this dude. Trust me. He once logged onto 5 different names just to leave me a ridiculously long in-game message about the jav dueling map. Who else can say that? Besides that, there's no denying he's one of the most talented duelers in the zone. He's been dominating the ladder and will be incredibly hard for anyone to beat with his incredible patience and drive to win the whole thing. He would be the favorite in my predictions if 24 didn't have such a dominant run last year.

    3. Turban - One of the greatest javs who is notorious for not caring about this game is apparently planning on caring about this game for TWEL-J. He's been the most active jav dueler by a mile (160-22) during qualifying and has positioned himself to win the whole thing as the #1 seed if he's able to hold onto it by Sunday night. His unique ability to see shots and angles that nobody else can see along with his epic lag are what make him one of the favorites to grab the title. Let's just see if he actually tries.

    4. Havok - Who else goes around this zone asking nonstop for money duels? With a cash prize as a reward this season, I think we're going to see Havok play 100% during TWEL-J. Drive to win can't be underestimated in TWEL and I wouldn't be surprised to see Havok make his way through the brackets and take the trophy (and the money).

    5. Stayon - One of the greatest javs ever. He's lucky I unbanned him this season after he used 500 Dice names last season and beat half the competition before KATC figured out what was going on :P. Stayon plays a style that takes extreme amount of skill to execute. His positioning and awareness are elite and gives rise to his superior aim and dodge. #5 feels low for him since he's clearly a favorite to win it all. I know that Amnesti has been PMing me nonstop about how bad he wants to duel Stayon.

    6. Psymorph - One of the most legendary names from this game. I messaged him about TWEL starting a month ago, didn't actually think he would participate. It's crazy that he's been able to remain an elite player while being hardly active and playing for over 15 years. He's the champion from 2 seasons ago and I wouldn't count him out against anybody. I'm not sure how rusty he is though.

    7. Steadman - One of those people who many javs hate to admit is an elite jav dueler. But he is. He's beaten pretty much every top dueler that I've just listed. He's been playing with a chip on his shoulder ever since he joined Pandora and he's looking to win TWEL-J to back up his never ending shit-talk. The dark horse to win this season.

    8. Zidane - TWEL-J Finalist from years ago when he beat Fludd -> steak666 -> Shock Therapy -> Children just to make it there. He's clutch when it matters and he's capable of beating anyone as long as he stays focused and doesn't run out of gas. He has been telling me for the past month how he doesn't care about TWEL, but once the lights are on I think we'll see Zid at his best.

    9. Dreamwin - DW TRAIN. One of Amnesti's biggest competition this season. Elite level jav who is one of the most dangerous players when once he gets hot. I witnessed it myself last season when he played for Pandora. He's also a TWEL-J Finalist from just 2 seasons ago.

    10. Ease - I'm not sure what's going on with Ease but he's been struggling most of TWEL qualifying to find his step in 1v1. Inactivity and lack of experience in dueling, like warbird, could hurt him. He's still Ease so you can't count him out of any duel. If he finds his sweet spot and his aim is on point, he could beat anyone.

    Other notable names:

    Oyko - Finalist from last season. Beat Amputate and nobody else can say that.

    Four - 60 time all star, 29 time TWL winner, over 60,000 combined kills and 400 mvps in his TWL career. Don't put it past Rough to win some duels.

    Infrared - Guy hasn't given 2 shits about this game for years. Still one of the most talented javs if he can find it in himself to give at least 1 shit.

    B. Rabbit - Been one of the best javs for years during his prime. Not sure where he's at right now.

    Kim - Kim has been competitive for over a decade and it's cool that he's still participating. He's a multiple TWEL-J Finalist/Semi-Finalist. Wouldn't put it past him to flash some of his prime and compete for the title

    Aprix - Another great jav dueler. TWEL-J is just so stacked this season that he didn't make the top 10.

    Tsunami - Veteran jav who's been an elite solo player for over 10 years now with his reign in elim dating back to 2004 when Chingy was actually a relevant name in hip hop.

    Revered - He's been beating top duelers for the last month in qualifying. Will cause some upsets.

    Hala Madrid - Active dueler who has positioned himself nicely into the bracket and looks to advance deep into the bracket

    Paradise - Not sure if he cares about TWEL, but with his skill should be a competitor

    Euforia - Fuck, everyone is good in this bracket

    Statis - ^

    Kess - ^
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    1. Stayon (19%) - paired with an unorthodox style, decent latency advantage and plenty of dueling experience, stayon is a formidable opponent that you can't afford to underestimate if you happen to face him early in the tournament. he is one of the few remaining javelins that are capable of actually pressuring their opponents and making plays by moving aggressively for the kill. stayon is definitely one of the favorites to win it all.

    2. Turban (16%) - he lags, eats and cheats. deadly combination.

    3. Zidane (14%) - only one word can describe zidane: tryhard. after dueling him multiple times in the past weeks, i can safely say that he has improved a lot in the recent years and is looking quite strong for the playoffs. as a word of advice, he will often wait for you to fire first and then trying to make plays by capitalizing on your mistakes and low energy. you can use this fact against him and if you play it correctly, although it requires high level of skill and perfect timing, you should be able to secure some kills.

    4. Amnesti (13%) - another tryhard among the many this season. amnesti has lately been lacking confidence which may prove to be his downfall this tournament and has lately been trying out new styles all of which have failed miserably. amnesti is a solid javelin with no major flaws with his bricanyl enhanced focus. it will prove to be a challenge to beat this doping player.

    5. Steadman (9%) - so brave, so strong, so indian. steadman is one of the biggest tryhards this game currently has to offer with a lot to prove after his lackluster performance in the finals. he has an unique style with a mix of unexpected aggression and defensive maneuvers to get an edge over his opponent. he will most likely make it far into the tournament, but his lack of experience will hurt against the more seasoned players and if he starts playing poorly he will have a hard time recovering.

    6. Ease (7%) - ease has never been a duelist and based on his recent performances might not have what it takes to win the entire tournament. he has an annoying style with his favorite move being hiding behind a wall and waiting for you to approach for an easy warbird shot in your face. he likes to fight in the open, use this to your advantage and try to keep a safe distance if you want to make him mad.

    7. Psymorph (7%) - one of the dark horses in this tournament, but he might be past his prime based on his performances earlier this weekend. psymorph has an unique playing style, combine it with slightly higher than usual lag and experience and you have a formidable opponent ahead of you. he knows how to pressure by constantly moving forward and trying to bait you into firing. do not hesitate and miss against him when he's getting close or you will die.

    8. Havok (6%) - while he most certainly does have the drive to win, he is unfortunately quite predictable with his shooting patterns and movements which can be exploited and used to your advantage if you have enough talent to pull it off. he is one hell of a tryhard and another dark horse of the tournament, but i wouldn't bet any money on him winning it all.

    9. Rough (2.5%) - ruff is a tough nut to crack with over a dozen titles. rough is the self-proclaimed best javelin of the game and this restaurant owner has a lot of beef to cook in this upcoming tournament. interesting style, but if you keep a close eye on his movements you will notice that he has several shots that he prefers to attempt against you. he is weak in close combat, try to play aggressive and close range if you want a good chance of beating the legend himself.

    10. Forces (2.5%) - rather unknown javelin with good eye for shots and a lot of patience. mainly being a solo javelin, and never established himself in competitive matches, you will find yourself having trouble finding the opportunities to kill him. however, if you are confident enough you can try to play aggressive and force him to fire awkward shots.

    11. Aprix (2%) - his infamous brother is one of the favorites to win it all if the stars align correctly, but aprix is no joke himself with lots of dueling experience. he needs to work on his positioning, as he tends to place himself to poor locations often leading to his death. he's still a good javelin capable of upsetting some top tier players if he plays his hand correctly.

    12. Kess (1%) - kesser is like a lesser version of his brother, but he is capable of making it to the final eight with his well-rounded javelin style with the slight possibility of making it through to the finals.

    13. okyo (0.5%) - trained by forces, okyo has improved rapidly and is capable of upsetting players that underestimate his talent but lacks the experience to advance far in the tournament when the games start to matter more and players start to try harder.

    14. tsunami (0.5%) -
    tsunami is a shadow of his former self with his skills downgrading every year. he should be able to make it past round one and possibly round two if he gets a favorable matchup, but that's where (unless miracles happen) his tournament hopes will end.

    players that i am unable to envaluate due to not playing enough against them (or at all) recently: Kim, 24, Megaman89, Dreamwin, Revered, Infrared, Slum

    wud b my top 14 with another 7 players also having a slight chance of winning it all, but have no idea how good they are nowadays. should be an interesting tournament.


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      Originally posted by Turban View Post
      10. Forces (2.5%) - rather unknown javelin with good eye for shots and a lot of patience. mainly being a solo javelin, and never established himself in competitive matches, you will find yourself having trouble finding the opportunities to kill him. however, if you are confident enough you can try to play aggressive and force him to fire awkward shots.
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