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  • Remaining TWEL jav predictions

    There are only a few duels away before a winner is decided: here's my quick shitty predictions.

    Winners bracket:

    Ease vs 24

    Both duellers are extremely good in the jav ship but i think 24's duelling experience will carry him forward. Problem is if 24 gets in a losing position, he'll make it hard as hell to kill him by running away more often and boring his opponent. Ease can only win if he has the patience and to frustrate 24. Predictions: 24 wins 10-7.

    Losers bracket

    Turban vs Healt

    Another 2 solid javelin players. On paper turban should beat healt given the fact that turban surprisingly beat stayon in the previous round and stayon is one of the best. Looking at healt though he did manage to get 7 kills vs 24 (which is pretty god dam impressive) so it could turn out to be a close match at first but i predict Turban will move on to the next round with a 10-6 win.

    ****Edit: I didn't know this match already played with Turban beating Healt 10-7.****

    (Round 6 losers bracket)

    Mean Gene vs Fork

    Now i've dueled Mean gene a couple times this year (or late last year) and hes fucking good. I was suprised at how good he was and he beat me on both occasions and it was just a friendly (although his hate towards me prevents it being a friendly match). Mean gene beat the giant Turban as well (a shock in my eyes).

    Depending on how tired i am and how i feel, it could possibly be a close match (at first) but i srsly predict this guy will beat me with a comfortable 10-5.

    Losers bracket round 6

    Turban vs Tiny

    I don't know if it was just me having an off day but Tiny raped me in duel 10-3, played far better than i did and if he plays the same i'm sure Turban would really struggle. Turban is capable of doing unpredictable shots, shots that you think wdf is he doing and then you realise too late. Both guys are amazing at duelling, it could go anywhere literally. Turban beating stayon... Tiny making it a very close match against 24 (with a 12-10 result) i think this will be a very close match- going over the 10 kill mark. I predict however Tiny will beat Turban 12-10.

    Loser bracket round 7

    Mean gene vs Tiny

    I would predict that Tiny will have this match, i feel he will be more hungry and will do more to win (taking more time/ patience) which showed in the duel vs 24. Mean Gene is capable of doing damage back but i feel the psychological game will be Tiny's. Predictions: Tiny wins 10-6.


    Tiny vs 24

    With both guys really desperate to win- this is going to be a very long duel- 40+ minutes with both players taking there time. 24 having the psychological advantage due to beating him before. I personally feel Tiny is the underdog here, 24 is extremely hard to crack and plays an extremely safe game. The only way Tiny could win is if he gets an early lead and try and frustrate 24 by either playing really safe too/ run alot or by constantly reminding him that he got 0-10 in twlj (including a tk?).

    Predictions: 24 wins 10-7 to win TWEL-J.
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    Any of those remaining duels could go either way with the talents. nice write up though. Good thoughts
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