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TWEL-S and TWEL-J Champ: Ease (With Jav Final Videos)

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  • TWEL-S and TWEL-J Champ: Ease (With Jav Final Videos)

    Ease was a legend of this game long before I started running TWEL 3 years ago. And I don’t even want to go into detail about the 60 TWL titles the guy has won. But there used to be some argument maybe 5-6 years ago that Ease’s greatness was more a product of the teams he has surrounded himself with every year instead of his own individual dominance. Most of that reasoning is because he rarely enters a ship anymore. The only time I’ve seen him play elim is when he sees me ranking and wants to ruin my stats (never works). Ask the guy to play a TWD match and he’ll duck out talking about how he has to study for the next 36 hours for his Law Degree.

    He stepped into the TWEL ring by himself with nobody to rely on 3 seasons ago and has 5 finals appearances spread across all 4 leagues and now 3 TWEL Championships to add to his trophy case as a 2-Time TWEL-S Champion and now TWEL-J Champion. That makes him the greatest TWEL player of all time. I think we can now admit that Ease is pretty good, even when he’s not being carried by Fludd.

    TWEL-S Season 12:

    Ease entered the season as the defending Champion as he took out superstar spider, Sawyer, in last year’s Finals to come out of the Loser’s Bracket and shock the world (189 Player Population). With not nearly the same amount of competition in Spider this year as the previous 2, Ease knew he wouldn’t be tested until late in the tournament, or at least that’s what we thought. Ease breezed through the competition and ended up undefeated as he destroyed all challengers to win $75 and a back-to-back title in TWEL-S. Turban fought valiantly in the Grand Finals, but nobody this season was coming close to Ease. It’s hard to define that more than the final score of the final round, 10-2.

    Ease’s path to back-to-back TWEL-S Champion:

    Round 1: Bye
    Round 2: Ease vs Nokkonen (10-2)
    Round 3: Ease vs Afghan (10-0)
    Round 4: Ease vs Mythril (10-6)
    Winner’s Final: Ease vs Turban (10-4)
    Grand Finals: Ease vs Turban (10-2)

    That’s a total of (50-14). What the fuck. Unfortunately, no video footage of the duel.

    TWEL-J Season 12:

    TWEL-J is the toughest league in the zone to win, imo. There’s so much variance in the slow fat ship and it’s stacked with competitors every single season. I look at the brackets every TWEL-J season and have no clue who’s going to win and to this day there’s never been a 2-time champ of the league. Ease has fallen short in this league the last 2 seasons, losing extremely narrow duels against people who have then gone on to win it all. And as competitive as Ease is, I’m sure he’s never forgotten the TWEL record 3-hour long marathon he played against Turban (15-13) 2 seasons ago that removed him from title contention.

    He would seek revenge this year, placing himself in great position in the Grand Finals as he took out former TWEL-J Champ 24 in the winner’s bracket to have the advantageous 1-0 lead against whoever came out of the loser’s bracket. Turban was sent to the Loser’s Bracket early on in round 3 but looked unbeatable as he completed the longer route to the Grand Finals to play his nemesis and good friend, Ease.

    With the Porkcam rolling and both players ready to play for bragging rights, they began their match. As expected, Turban’s lag affected the sometimes easily tilted Ease and while the duel stayed close throughout most of the match, Turban turned into the unstoppable version of himself who won TWEL-J 2 seasons ago and overwhelmed Ease in the closing moments, 10-7.

    With the best of 3 tied up 1-1, they once again traded blow after blow to enter the clutch stage of the battle tied up 7-7 (watch the video, what really happened is far more interesting. Tons of crying and me bitching at Ease). But once the drama was settled and the duel was ready to be decided, it was Ease who would land the Championship kills. Turban kept it extremely close but Ease wasn’t going to let another opportunity slip away. They completed a classic, 10-8 in favor of the now TWEL-J Champion, Ease.

    Ease’s path to the TWEL-J Championship:
    Round 1: Ease vs dreamwin (10-0 DQ)
    Round 2: Ease vs Siaxis (10-0 DQ)
    Round 3: Ease vs Okyo (10-8)
    Round 4: Ease vs Mean Gene (10-7)
    Winner’s Final: Ease vs 24 (10-6)
    Grand Final Rd 1: Ease vs Turban (7-10)
    Grand Final Rd 2: Ease vs Turban (10-8)

    Videos of the matches thanks to the real MVP, Porkcam.

    Round 1:

    Round 2:

    Ease walks away with $250 and Turban received $60 for his finals appearances. Congrats to both tryhards.
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    Congrats to ease/ racka.

    One thing bothers me though. While it was 6-6, it does look like ease was semi afk (he doesnt fire a single bomb) and he did die 2 times to turban to make it 8-6. Idk why scores were reset at 7-7 instead of 6-6 (ease never got to 7 kills). Both guys agreed it however. Ty porkjet for recording the games
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      Congrats, Ease! Good game Turban
      Originally posted by jerome
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