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  • Trench Center Returns!!!

    Trench Center, the exciting radio program dedicated to TWL is coming back this weekend! As always TC NEEDS YOUR HELP! One of the best parts about TC is the match reports, we need people to send in reports about your squad's matches. Tell us what happened, who it happened to, and how often it happened! The more detailed the better the show gets! Feel free to use some humor too!

    Send all match reports to as soon as you have them! We need them all absolutely no later than every Sunday at 17:00 EST! If you don't send one in, then we don't yak about your squad! Try and have only one member mail us the match reports!


    Brought to you by:

    PUSH, Conc, HIS PEEJNESS, and that loveable Brit BOO!
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    Much obliged, Guvnor.

    Laying the smack omnidirectional.


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      ill try to get a report for Pirates games into you after they happen :up:


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        what is that, is it radio, or what the fuck...... don't flame me
        help: (how do i shot) (Public 0): how do i travel diagonally? i only have up, down, left and right keys.

        4:PinkSTAR <ER>> ask DP he knows me inside and out


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          its like pallies radio but the topic is a recap of the weekend's twl games


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            I could get one about Veron ez... Hell I'll make it in advance right now

            Here it is Tyflyias Dying2live Ratty... Stasua and Unexpected all Got the living hell beat out of them not with higher then 3-10 gg
            Can't think of a good signature :down: :mad:


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              ahh.. the pusha has done it again.
              Whatt dat... ? all hellz gonna break looose

              1:delta> personally, i would not go to war for oil
              1:FarScape> in age of empires you would
              1:Freeze> LOL FAR
              5:waven> freeze
              5:waven> no one talks to ease directly
              5:waven> you state your business with sanji
              5:waven> he will relay it to phizey
              5:waven> phizey will relay it to me
              5:waven> and i will talk to ease
              5:Freeze> LOL
              5:waven> that's how things work around here
              1:renzi> freeze theres difference between being wasted and being a waste


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                Will there be a replay of the show on a more europe friendly time?
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                Women should never be working in the first place.


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                  No. Fuck Europe.

                  PS - Yeah, Mantra... of course.
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