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**POSSIBLE** changes to TWLB. Feedback required.

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    Originally posted by RoDNeY View Post

    On top of the mini victory series in 3-5 minute intervals which I fully support to help diversify basing and promote more high energy play..

    Perhaps we should consider getting rid of lower base and maintaining just a spawn zone, mid base and flag room? Or at least modify the current basing map to where the travel time from spawn to mid is lessened. (Purely for only Base/TWBD/TWLB/TWDTB)

    This could help to make cram still viable if you get a quick TeK but not mandatory and also promote teams to get back into the action fast. We've all seen how some experienced terrs race from spawn to mid before the rest of their team even dies to get them back into the fight so i think this could help extend flag room battles as well with a terr being able to sneak back into the FR quickly.
    That's a good idea in principle, Rodney.

    I really hate that when your team gets Tek'd, the enemy sharks and spiders warp into spawn, then they rep you 3x delaying you in spawn for 10 seconds, it's cheese as hell. Spiders in a good spawn position (or just died) can get some solid shots and maybe a tek if close enough to the spawning terr.

    You shouldn't be able to warp into spawn, and delay the enemy terr and let your team completely consolidate the base and prepare mines and control the mid tube.

    Really, the only ship that should be spawning down there with access to the entrance is the terr.

    The only advantage a Tek should confer is the FR and a cram. A lucky shark spawn above the enemy terr and 3 reps just creates a weak ass mid-base pseudo-cram and further delays the cram break, and eventual FR battle.

    A terr with a clean shot through spawn and the lower base can get to the cram pretty fast, though. I'm not sure I want the distance shortened, because sometimes you barely get a cram together in-time.

    You should be rewarded with a decent cram when you get a tek, if you clear FR in a reasonable amount of time.

    Where we agree is that the terr who got killed shouldn't be arbitrarily delayed in getting back up.

    With a cram reset, though, this issue isn't as severe. Nevertheless, I'm not sure what the solution would be. I'd maybe just wait to see how the other changes settle, don't want to change too much.
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      I just find it hilarious that a mediocre troll like Rab has anything to say to this. He has a history of quitting in the middle of base games while trash talking his entire team. I don't even play base but this dude comes to mind immediately. I thought he had grown up over the years but nope. Looking at his ignore.txt thread it is clear he is just a mediocre basing troll that is just waiting to post another thread on how he is forever gonna quit this game again.

      Basing died because people were stacking on 2-4 squads. Fuck off and die already.


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        Originally posted by Jones View Post
        Basing died because people were stacking on 2-4 squads. Fuck off and die already.
        This. And looking at the past with "thunder vs Envy" in javs last year, it happened too with twjd. I see this stuff happening with twlj. Imo twdt is the only 'healthy' league.


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          Had a chance to play a twbd, don't like the new terr settings. Greening burst/port/fc/rep is a strat and its worked well. Changes that put a focus on FR battles might be interesting, but it depends on implementation. Not sure if there is enough time to test it thoughtfully for this TWL season. IMO keep it classic but meanwhile run some experiments in ?go base.


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            cram reset + no greens = bad


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              Not a big fan of the new terr settings in TWBD. I was able to get a few games in terr and found it extremely boring to play. While the prized burst/portal were consistent, I feel not getting greened burst/portal takes away from the experience. It limits you what you are capable of doing in terr, there was no triple porting, double bursts, or surviving streams of bullets cause of greened FCs. Please consider changing it back or at least adding back greened burst/ports/FC at a lower rate.


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                Personally, I dont like this at all either. I think it makes the game too monotone and takes away the unpredictability which makes the game more exciting. I played a couple borrow bds during the weekend and I asked in blue chat who else thinks this new setup is bad. The outcome was 7-0 against the new setup.
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                  Yeah, change it all back.


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                    Please revert to old settings
                    - appy


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                      revert or modify these possible changes.

                      so basically were going to nerf everything but wb?

                      played a game vs thunder last night, which was a shit show, but ease started in wb right away and i knew that was going to be an issue, despite the fact that its ease but the fact that its the op ship now.

                      you take away rocket from jav but don't wanna adjust the wb? obviously no one wants to use wb on cram attack but on cram hold, there's no one to stop the wb beside the terr which will most likely to get picked off. might as well remove specials in general if you're going to remove the main reason for jav, cram break. to remove rocket and not adjust wb doesn't make any sense to me, especially with the current suggested changes. (mind you im for change but this is drastic)

                      this is the one game type left that is actually the most appealing part of tw (from a newcomers/outsiders prospective), imo.
                      i played chaos zone for a few months and holy shit, that zone is intense. You use every ability offered to ships, with some adjustments to every ship. Literally everyone in that zone says that trench wars is basic and soft, and with these changes i'm starting to agree. now i see people you guys suggesting changing basing to basically a spid duel? jesus christ.


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                        you have my vote for reverting terr settings in base
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                          Agreed with the above statements. The old settings were better, imo.

                          That's not to say I'm against change, and I'm glad these settings were tested.

                          My suggestions for possible changes to consider would be to:

                          1) make shrap not 1shot a full nrg ter
                          2) making long crams easier to break somehow. Not via warping like in the ?go base test, but by either expanding the cram entrance a bit or adding additional entrances, which are locked until a team has held the flag for X consecutive minutes (let's say 4). I believe someone already suggested something like that in the ?go base thread, but I'm too lazy to look it up now.
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                            ive always found that when spidering, full charge greens help the team trying to break cram more than the team holding it. in my opinion taking those away would make cram marginally more difficult to break which is definitely not the direction anyone wants to go in.

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                              Originally posted by Trasher View Post
                              1) make shrap not 1shot a full nrg terr

                              make shrap dmg at 1100 that way it only punishes terrs that are over-bulleting and not just 1 shotting a FC terr
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                                Originally posted by Heaven View Post


                                make shrap dmg at 1100 that way it only punishes terrs that are over-bulleting and not just 1 shotting a FC terr
                                this ^ totally agree, shrap is too strong
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