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    To put it to a different perspective, many of the greatest players of their time have stopped playing this game. You are absolutely right about this statement, a natural decline is expected in every game and is nothing out of the ordinary. However it is worth mentioning these players were more often than not on a competitive and stacked roster, and almost never decided to branch out to improve the competition. There were some exceptions much like there are some today.

    Now unfortunately many of these old greats are no longer around, but as a byproduct competition has became better in the sense there are no longer super squads with 25 to 30 great players. Roster limits did what it was intended to do which is spreading out the talent resulting in more competitive rosters. We can only use our imagination on how competitive seasons could have been with similar restrictions in place.

    We have had several lesser known players stepping up their game and breaking into starting lineups in recent years all the way to top squads. Yes, it is true that you can no longer practice as often as you used to be able to as the European player base has pretty much vanished, but the potential to improve is still there for any motivated player with the help of competitive arenas such as elimination (which is limited to certain time slots in terms of activity peaks), requesting duels against known good players many of who are still willing to help and provide insight, and through borrowing in TWD which has been a godsend. Sadly the drive to get better is a rare trait among our players, and is seldom seen.

    The only concern here is the ratio between players quitting to new talent being found and cultivated to fill the shoes of our lost players. It would require tremendous effort from the community to get any kind of improvement.

    You may bask in the glory of past seasons, but those seasons were not that much different when comparing to the present seasons. We used to have at most four squads with any chance of winning a title with two being clear favorites back when the zone was at its peak in terms of player activity.

    I feel several squads having played over a hundred games played in the span of 40 days is not bad at all, but of course it is far different from what it used to be when the zone was about twice as active. You may not be aware, but there were over 105 players watching a regular season game last week. It was a rare treat showing there is still interest towards the game.

    In my honest opinion every TWL season, this one included, should have a "giant asterisk" next to the season as you so cleverly phrased it as competition was never truly balanced no matter what season you try to use as comparison. One could argue that the player quality was greater back in the day, but at the same time one could argue players have got better over the years and there are no longer as huge skill gaps.


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      HmHmhmHMhm wise words in here lol


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        no idea what I wrote during my lunch break, but fuck it not going to fix and edit it.


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          I disagree about the twdt part exalt, the point of twdt is to have the talent spread around as equally as possible.

          So so what if there are only 2-3 squads that have a real shot at winning their twl division. Those squads are putting out the best rosters available and also playing with the folks they have for years. I totally agree that twl titles don?t hold a candle to years past, but that?s not the point. The cores of a lot of these squads have been together for 15+ years, splitting that up for twl seems sad.

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            Maybe the problem some of you 'stacking accusers' are having is just a need of a major attitude adjustment. I'm not going into matches with thunder and rage thinking I'm going to lose and if that's what you're doing then you're a loser who has no chance of success either way. Grow some balls and pull some competitive spirit out of your spine, if you've still got one.


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              if after 10 years ya still suck just learn a ship that is scarce among player base like shark or terr and you become more valuable. I'm a shit shark but theres only a few sharks left so i get to play. Supply and demand ppl

              Or just get better idk
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                must suck to live your lives and spare time constantly feeling like you have to prove yourselves to other people, also assuming what people are thinking and what their self esteem is, classic.


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                  I've never blocked anyone ever before today, but I have to say the quality for the forum just improved 10 fold without every 3 posts being punctuated by terrible trolling. Everyone loves a good troll once in a while, but the lack of any kind of entertainment value in any of the posts just makes reading this guy's posts an awful chore. I have to say I like the way this forum handles blocks, it doesn't show 'blocked user submitted a message', it just completely deletes their existence from your screen. I'm a big fan.


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                    Good, I look forward to thrill no longer talking about me. Maybe his posts will become more intelligent. It's funny that he thinks i'm here to entertain anyone but myself.


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                      Could also add that a lot of these stacking "elites" have huge egos which turns them into toxic assholes with 0 social skills and for this reason they will prefer to stick around the only players they haven't yet talked trash to. Would be too awkward for them to try to play with people they've been calling easy noobs their whole life.

                      These type of people will keep on being "competitive" until there's no one left to talk trash to and then maybe on that day they will feel a tiny bit of remorse but probably not.


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                        And that problem is transport, it is very very slow, because Kazakhstan is big.
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