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Who will be TWLB's 6th squad?

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  • Who will be TWLB's 6th squad?

    With rosters capped at 13 - and Jamal, Trasher, Dreamwin, Zidane (and others) all leading competitive basing lines - this TWLB looks as if it could be one of the better ones in recent times. However, qualification cut off looms large on the 17th, and whilst there seems to be five squads that are set (or close enough), there's still some uncertainty... Some squads are collapsing, other squads are over-subscribed, and some players are sitting on the fence. Hopefully this thread can show where these spare capacities lie and sign-post basers to the places which will maximise potential, play time and competitiveness.

    The five safe-bet squads, as they stand, look something like this...


    T: SpookedOne Sh: Oderus Urungus, Morph Sp: Jamal, Spezza, Solace, Jurassic, WBM
    (Subs: Undercut, Rucci, Lupin, Porkjet, Sulla, Sphinx, Sprackle, +?)

    Spots remaining: -2/3 (I guess Jamal will opt to shed some spiders as Spastic are currently well over-subscribed)


    T: Cape Sh: Commodo, Major Crisis Sp: Trasher, Henry Saari, Temporary, Rozay, Magnum Size
    (Subs: Bacon, a2m, Aprix)

    Spots remaining: 2/3 (If morph goes back to Spastic for TWLB, Spider may look for an extra shark. They could also use an additional experienced spider.)


    T: Thix Sh: Mythril, Rodney Sp: Dreamwin, Turban, Cripple, Ardour, Rough
    (Subs: Racka, Beam, Geio)

    Spots remaining: 2 (Likely looking for a back up terrier given thix's patchy show rate, as well as spider depth. Or they may choose to utilise the duelers on their bench for depth.)


    T: Ogron Sh: Zidane, Hulk Sp: Ease, Hellkite, Ra, Mcvicar, Kado
    (Subs: Heaven, Best, Peru, Tiny)

    Spots remaining: 1 (Pretty balanced line with good subs, I don't imagine Thunder will change much here.)


    T: Nipple Nibbler Sh: Markmrw, Willby Sp: Skyforger, TJ Hazuki, Bitsaver, okyo, Banks
    (Subs: Poseidon, Mean Gene, Hurricane, Violence, Public Assassin, Tarnish, Unlimited, +?)

    Spots remaining: -2 (Markmin are over-subscribed but, as a challenger squad, I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to attract some more talent & shed some of the inactive chaff.)

    This leaves one additional qualification spot, assuming all stays the same. Sweet have put themselves forward, their line is...


    T: Too Fresh (Voth) Sh: Riverside, Paradise Sp: Maito_chi, Daeva, Jones, Eric Clapton, mad jack the pirate
    (Subs: -)

    Spots remaining: 5 (Sweet's line is incomplete, and they'll need to add in every aspect if they are to compete in any sense of the word.)

    However, Dudgeon also look like a possibility...


    T: Mikkiz Sh: sakke, nokkonen Sp: Zizzo, Anonym
    (Subs: -)

    Spots remaining: 8 (Whilst Dudgeon appear to have not put any thought into this idea, they have the foundations of a respectable team in Mikkiz, Zizzo, Sakke and Anonym. With this experience and legacy they may be able to draw in old players, or borrow players from dueling squads like Monster. In fact, a Dudgeon/Monster merge could be a masterstroke.)

    Remaining basers

    If you're still looking for a basing team, I would suggest speaking to Sweet or Dudgeon ASAP. There's an abundance of squadless basers who played in TWDTB who could make a big impact, such as Rab, Skatarius, Falconpunch, Firephoenix, Bram, etc.

    Whilst some people have bemoaned the top teams being stacked, actually most will be utilising 7 and 8* basers. Moreover, TWDT only shows how conventional wisdom lags behind actual ability - and TWL is the best way to prove that. Hopefully this can be the first TWLB in a long time with more than 3 competitive squads.
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    I've been looking at the twd website regularly, waiting to see the ld/lj and lb roster functionality appear and for caps to assign players to those rosters.
    Hasn't happened yet, I mentioned this yesterday and people found it funny - as if there's not even going to be rosters listed there?
    We won't really know who'll be playing for which squad until it does.
    Without knowing who's playing for which squad we can't decide our final squad membership, so waiting on dev work IMO.


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      I agree. I'd be interested to know how the split rosters will work - and how they will be viewable and amendable... Staff?
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        Sorry for lack of communication in recent days, but here's an answer.

        We are going to have squad rosters on a brand new TWL website which is being made by Method. You will also be able to find all the squads on a spreadsheet which will have all the information you could ever need, such as initial league rosters, roster changes with time stamps, player eligibility assuming they are breaking waiting period rules, a complete player list detailing on which league roster(s) someone is on, and so forth. We are also planning on keeping all of the rosters up-to-date on the forums.

        TWD will not be used as there was no developer available to work on it. We are hoping to add some sort of integration for captains, but generally speaking there's very little roster movement every season so it should still be absolutely fine.

        We are going to send invitations to the selected squads on March 18th and will additionally request all participating teams to submit their initial league rosters for both leagues. Roster changes can be done at any point in time, but league rules will apply after the season starts. There will be more information out in the coming days.

        There is no soft lock this season, only hard lock. My recommendation for the players is to take a closer look at the league rules as it has pretty much all the information you could ever need.


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          It doesnt seem worth the effort unless something else promising appears out of nowhere. Sweet and Dudgeon are extremely lacking to put it mildly. Wolf has been doing to bd but doesn?t have close to a full lb lineup. Im sure a majority of the quote unquote leftovers including myself will just opt out of playing unless something comes from nowhere.


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            Looking at the current rosters Commodo listed I'm pretty sure when push comes to shove there will be 6 competitive LB squads available.

            P.S. I mvped in .?go base last night I'm LB ready to be top 8 under spider in TW.
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              *shrug* Could've been Ambush. Shame we couldn't find a proper terr or another shark.
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                there's a lot of basers still left to be picked up on squads who are not planning on participating in TWLB. it'll be much clearer soon once we put rosters out to see which players are not on a TWLB roster.


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                  I'd be willing to terr or shark "rather terr" tho with/behide a proper basing line. Borrow me in twbd and I'll showcase my skills. The zone needs terrs/sharks and I enjoy helping the game... I played a few borrow matches in terr over the last few nights, I feel unrusted and pretty good, won a few matches.
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                    gotta say olde u looked pretty good in terr, should be playing some lb. there's a lot of good ppl not on squads yet, 6 teams should be very doable


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                      There is a little talk of Paladen attempting base. It seems we have an uptick in players recently and are still looking for more. What are qualifications? 3 games ?? or??
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                        Judging by the responses here - looks like we can do 8 squads in base. More squads and shorter benches is more fun. Also at least 10 in wb/jav. Basically let any squad in that meets the 5 TWD games requirement and has applied. The "will be considered/chosen" elitism bs needs to go, if squads meet the hard requirements set out - they play.


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                          Originally posted by skyforger View Post
                          Basically let any squad in that meets the 5 TWD games requirement and has applied. The "will be considered/chosen" elitism bs needs to go, if squads meet the hard requirements set out - they play.
                          I'll do you one better..I say anyone who participates in TWL should get a TWL season badge. What you guys think?

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                            Don't know about anyone but could def do some additional awards for fun like "Best 2019 Rookie" etc. Good thinking tiny prick


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                              would like my TWBL badge plz, thx