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    Originally posted by Turban View Post
    Trench Wars League rules shows when hard lock takes effect for league rosters. This date was also covered in the "what you need to know about this season" thread, but I will make a separate thread to remind squads in 4 hours from now.

    4.05 Hard Lock

    All Trench Wars League rosters will experience a hard lock after the last Round 3 match. This means that no more roster additions will be allowed.

    .. it is also worth noting that rosters are frozen every Friday at 11:59 PM EST/EDT as covered by the roster requirements rules, thus you have less than three days to make roster adjustments. I hope this is sufficient enough time for squads to finalize their starting lineups and substitutions.
    Am I the only one seeing a contradiction here? How is roster "frozen" on Friday but "locked" on Sunday after the round 3 games? Am I missing a difference here?


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      whoops. this is why you should always think before you post.

      TWL rosters lock on Sunday after last match. However, any additions after Friday 11:59 PM will not be eligible for that round of games. That is what freeze means. I shall fix the dates, that means ~36 more hours to recruit.


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        Please add tj hazuki to our LB roster.

        It's sad to see guy like TJ got ditched like that. I think some other squads could have benefited a lot more from having him than us but suprisingly it seems like no one else is interested. We will not stand aside and watch guy like tj not being part of TWLB 2019. #freeTJ #rage2019
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          Not that I really care, but someone needs to justify why the rules that apply to everyone else (regarding the hard lock) don't apply to tj hazuki (who was added after the hard lock).


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            whoops. I had clarified this date on the forums but never fixed on spreadsheet it says hard lock instead of freeze a couple days ago.


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              can i be the acception to the rule since i just started playing again like 2 days ago ? <-harder


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                Originally posted by yoast View Post
                can i be the acception to the rule since i just started playing again like 2 days ago ? <-harder
                The answer will be the same no matter where you ask, which was no. Rosters are set, the deadline is in the past. Sorry, man.
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