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TWLM not working yet?

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  • TWLM not working yet?

    The points are not updated or nothing yet.
    I might be wrong here; but last season the scores got updated automatically as each game came through, so am I wrong in thinking that TWLM is not working yet?
    Ardour> my fire button is escape key. and thrust is F12. i like to make it as hard for me as possible.
    Reaver> i play subspace with a steering wheel and gas pedal and a dance dance revolution pad
    Reaver> i gotta jump on the arrows and turn left to fire
    Ardour> my movement keys are random letters. i change them regually

    Glide> my parents are being evil, they stole my antenna in an attempt to ground me from internet
    Glide> so i made one

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    nope, scores didn't update automatically last season.. it will be updated when next week is opened for scheduling in TWL site and appeals taken care of.