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  • TWLD Season 15 Week 1 Hot or Not

    Hey there, pizanos! It's Sir Spider with your weekly dose of Hot or Not. I'm taking over for Cres this week and possibly next week as he finishes up classes. However, we've still got his interviews, and they'll go after each game breakdown. That said, let's take a look at TWLD Week 1, shall we?

    If reading is too boring, catch my recording of this week's TWLD HoN here:

    Penetrate vs. Paladen
    50 - 25
    MVP: Sir Spider!

    The first game of the week featured a match between Penetrate and Paladen. Early predictions for this game had the game ending very close, with the game hinging on the final 5 kills or so for either side. As it turns out, folks, quite the opposite happened. Paladen had absolutely no chance in this game, as in the early going they were down 21 to 6, and things barely got better from there, with Penetrate taking a 50-25 win in one of the biggest blowouts we are likely to see this season. The evil terrorist warbird lineup of Penetrate made Paladen look like a bus loaded with passengers driving through Palestine today, with Sir Spider at 15-6, Raazi at 14-5, and Reaver at 10-3 all delivering outstanding performances. The combined 1-10 efforts of claushouse and Papa Diop were certainly of no help to Paladen. And furthermore, why use Papa Diop as a sub when you've got people like Burg on the sidelines? On a fun note, Cres and Rasaq's records added up to 9-11. Sir Spider and Raazi's record added up to 29-11. Reaver dropped a 10-3, which is March 10th using the European dating system, which is also the day Osama Bin Laden was born. This isn't a coincidence, folks. It's DX.

    Interview with sir spider
    Cres> so what did you expect facing paladen
    Cres> and this newly developed rivarly b/w the 2 squads
    Sir Spider> I expected them to play the same way they played every DD agains them
    Sir Spider> they did exactly that, and we ran a train on them because of it
    Sir Spider> I don't say I'm gonna brutally sodomize someone and then not do it
    Sir Spider> rememba dis
          Cres> i think losing speedkillz was a huge loss for them
          Cres> also not starting burg
    Sir Spider> yeah wtf is their problem
    Sir Spider> claushouse ruining them
          Cres> really bad decisions by the captains
    Sir Spider> its reason why i left
          Cres> even murder agreed to bad decision making 
    Sir Spider> will admit though
    Sir Spider> guy is gud @ drawin pretty pictures of wbs
          Cres> LOL
          Cres> so you face thunder next week
    Sir Spider> yup
    Sir Spider> no matter how badly they beat us
    Sir Spider> we'll have fun
    Sir Spider> all that matters
    Sir Spider> cuz we dx (evildeed)
    Sir Spider> rememba dis
    Cres> true, this is a learning year for pene...gonna be huge next year
          Cres> rememba dis
    Sir Spider> ye
          Cres> so any final words
    Sir Spider> Paladen is worthless
    Sir Spider> So is Dynasty
    Sir Spider> dont know why ppl think they're any good
    Sir Spider> especially dynasty
          Cres> dx'd
    Sir Spider> gonna jihad them in season
    Epidemic vs. DyNasty
    50 - 35
    MVP: LaSenza!

    Game Two featured Epidemic taking on Dynasty. In what could have been described as a questionable move, LaSenza got the start for Epidemic today. If we all think back, the last time s(he) was seen in a TWL arena was in a disappointing 0-6 round 3 as Pandora lost to Savanger in the TWLD playoffs last season. Today, however, the asian fashion model showed up ready to play, as his/her 7-0 start led to a 13-4 finish and a 50-35 victory for Epidemic. Despite collecting a rapid amount of deaths to start with, Wall (12-8) and wyne (9-8) provided some key support for this victory. Demonic (10-10) was the only person to finish even or better for Dynasty, and only because of a last second 2fer did that even occur. Kthx shitting the bed at 3-10 was probably the low point of this game, and badjob's 2-6 certainly didn't help anyone out. Best of luck to Ravage and Dynasty next week. Hope you guys can recover and you're not the joke squad I think you are.

    Interview with delectable
    :delectable:u free?
    (delectable)>on this needfree and with WAR
    (delectable)>in #d
    delectable> war
    delectable> who did u pick
          Cres> so what were you expecting facing Dynasty
           WAR> i picked Fantasy Lady
           WAR> but its asking me i have to join
    Cres> .................................................
    delectable> where is her name
           WAR> on
          Cres> yo r u guys done LOL
           WAR> looking at BBW
    delectable> ROFLS
    delectable> look
           WAR> Triple Dz 03
    delectable> SkyDevil
     Cres> this prob worst interview ever
           WAR> k 1 sec
    delectable> /LOLS
    delectable> selected big tis for u
    delectable> tits*
    delectable> LOLS
    Cres> LOL gonna leave this at that
    Thunder vs. Sweet
    50 - 39
    MVP: Zyphen!

    Game Three of the week featured Thunder taking on Sweet. This game has been getting a lot of hype as the potential game of the week, and while it fell short of that, it was still an exciting matchup. The primary focus this week had to be on Engineers, as so far in TWL this year, he has had his share of struggles. Unfortunately for Riverside and the rest of Sweet, those struggles continued, as Thunder took advantage of this and captured a 50-39 victory. Zyphen led the way for Thunder this week with a 14-7 performance, with great support from pretty much everyone else playing with him, more specifically Ease with 11 kills and chuckle with 10 kills. On the other side, despite Jones's best efforts to try and hero this one, his 14-10 wasn't enough to make up for the poor efforts of the Engineers/Dak 5-10 combo and the Seismic/Caos 3-10 combo. As I told Engineers after he subbed out...

    Sir Spider> yo u need to find ur happy place bro
    Engineers> hm
    Engineers> yeh
    Engineers> need to balance my offensiveness
    Engineers> cuz the second i start to backpedal i start to suck
    Sir Spider> ye

    Hopefully he pulls it together, and soon. He's got the potential to be the biggest game changer Sweet has this year.

    Interview with Mythril
    Cres> k
          Cres> so this game was obviously huge for both teams
          Cres> alot of trash talk has been going on b/w u and riverside
          Cres> so what were your thoughts going into this
       Mythril> and all of sweet
       Mythril> except ricko
          Cres> yeah with jones too especially
       Mythril> sweet has alot of talent and is good in twdd, but they are rookies 
       Mythril> get nervous whenever they see gogogo, you can tell
          Cres> Jones and vt played well i think
          Cres> but the inexperience of engineers fked him up 
          Cres> so any comments on the game itself and your week 2 match vs hit
       Mythril> just week 1 nobody cares
       Mythril> sika too good
       Mythril> we gonna lose
          Cres> loool
    Cres> so do you really hate riverside
    5:Ease> nothing even needs to be said
    5:Ease> chuck was positive
    5:Ease> chuckle that is
     Mythril> i hate everyone who plays this game 20 hours a day
    Mythril> infrared, riverside, jones
    Mythril> peru in the past etc
     Annie> they jus play 24/7 80 dd per day 90000000% effirt n still awfil
    Cres> so any final words
    Mythril> this interview was bad
     Cres> afk
     Mythril> LOL being serious don't even post this
       Mythril> interview somebody else i went like 7-10
         Annie> i cum 2 vs this noopis n leaf @ 1-1 cuz they r so bad n am bored
          Cres> LOL
    Cres> it fine annie making it good
    Cres> and im not even asking him anything
       Mythril> abusing staff powers and getting this arena
          Cres> l0l
    Zyphen> I wasn't expecting to be added and was a bit nervous, but once I saw seismic was in I knew it would be ez
    Mythril> zyphen was playing the ld with his abs
    Jones> you could always put in that i said 'ez' in teamchat when i k.o'd mythril
    The fourth and fifth games of the day took place simultaneously, but let's cover the less exciting of the two first.

    Fierce vs. Hit
    50 - 40
    MVP: scoop!

    Game Four featured Fierce taking on Hit. Just looking at squad names and reputations alone, this game looks completely lopsided in the favor of Fierce, but hit has an ace up their sleeve in the form of Sika, who can do some amazing things, as evidenced by the 19-8 he dropped on Penetrate in preseason. Unfortunately, he wasn't dealt quite the same hand to start off the TWL season, as he only put together a 10-10 game, and he was the only person to get into double digit kills for hit, as Fierce grabbed a 50-40 victory. It was really a combined team effort from Fierce, as scoop, Apok and DEEZ NUTS each carried out some very solid games, with scoop at 13-7 grabbing the MVP. The X factor for hit, Sika, was effectively held in check by DEEZ NUTS in this one, and his performance was no doubt a game changer. Don't count Sika out of anything, though. There's still a lot of games left to be played, and there's a chance he could catch fire and lead hit to some surprising wins.

    Interview with Apok
    Cres> so what were ur thoughts going into this game
    Apok> I try to never underestimate.. so I thought it was going to be a pretty good match.. but that we'd win
          Cres> was there any concern about sika and domi
          Apok> didn't know domi was void ray until like a minute before the match
          Cres> LOL
          Apok> and sika.
    Cres> i didnt know who raidar was but guy did pretty well too
          Apok> he's good but i think people have stepped up a bit since hes been gone
     Apok> played vs like
          Apok> 4 peeps ive never heard of
    Apok> but they did good
     Apok> they teamed skepsis out really early on
    Apok> leaving us outnumbered
          Cres> yeah sika hunted him
          Apok> saw sika roll in between like 5 of us
          Apok> to out him
          Cres> rofl
     Apok> at that point, i was thinkin "fk"
     Apok> but
    Apok> activated beast mode
    Cres> so any comments on the victory and your week 2 game vs asians
     Apok> mainly good game, cept for golden duck constantly suiciding, dunno what he was doin lol. 
    Apok> my team pulled through when it mattered, so i'm proud of them as always
          Apok> and..
          Apok> asians, those guys are hella good at SD...
    Cres> lol
          Apok> so who knows what they'll pull in LD
          Apok> LOL
          Cres> they put up a fight vs dice
    (hulk <ER>)>wheres rasaq
          Cres> so any last words
          Apok> but once they do, they should do very well
    :hulk <ER>:u done interrupting interview
    (hulk <ER>)>o
          Apok> hmm
     qpr> yo cres
          Cres> ?
          Apok> YO
           qpr> we're underestimated
          Cres> ?
          Apok> this guy raidin my interview right now
           qpr> tho we lost
          Cres> LOL
          Cres> WTF
          Apok> LOLOL
           qpr> $
          Apok> yo
          Cres> r u done
          Cres> i interview u after
          Apok> this guy literally jump infront of the camera
          Apok> and snatch the mic
           qpr> ok ok ok
          Cres> LOL
           qpr> afk
          Apok> from my hand
    Dice vs. Asians
    50 - 49
    MVP: Unabled!

    Game Five featured a match between Dice and Asians, in what turned out to be the closest game of the week, and the most exciting one, to boot. The lead changed hands a good number of times in this one, and for a while, it looked like Asians may have had this wrapped up enough to pull off a small upset. It was never meant to be, though, as the 9-2 sub from a2m was just too much for Asians to handle, and while the bot may have given the MVP to Unabled for this game, he doesn't deserve that title as much as a2m does. Absolutely clutch performance from him in this game to save the day, and Weak, at 3-7, should be kissing your feet for it. Unabled and megaman also put up some great performances for Dice, and Asians had 3 people in double digit kills as well, but really, it was a2m who stepped up and stole the show this game. Props to him for saving the day and making this game one to talk about for a while. That's gotta feel good.

    Interview with infrared
    Cres> allow interview
    megaman89> u gif me dislikes on forums and expect interview from player of my stature, plz gtfo
    Cres> so what were you guys expecting facing asians
    Infrared> Not much. We expected to be able to handle them pretty easily
      Infrared> But I guess we overestimated vys/unabald
     Cres> unabled started off pretty well with 10-5
    Cres> but he has a tendency to die fast
    Cres> so a2m had an epic sub
      Infrared> Yeah he died out fast
      Infrared> a2m was definitely our key player
    Cres> and pretty much won the game for you guys 1vs1
    Cres> so any final comments on that game, and week 2 vs dynasty
    Infrared> Hopefully we'll be able to get some practice in and manhandle Dynasty next weekend
    Infrared> Look forward to a comeback from Weak
    Cres> yeah i noticed that he struggled as well
    Cres> k help me dislike every post by megaman on forums
          Cres> thx
      Infrared> sure np
    (Weak)>put in interview, i vow  to step up and help lead this team
    (Weak)>gonna prove i can help b the man instead of supportin cast ty
    Overall Hot Player of the Week: a2m (9-2)

    -A clutch 9-2 sub to save the game earns him this spot over everyone else this week, and it's well deserved. The ultimate game changer of the week.

    Honorable Mentions: Sir Spider (15-6), Raazi (14-5), LaSenza (13-4), Apok (12-5), scoop (13-7), DEEZ NUTS (12-8), Zyphen (14-7)

    Overall Not Player(s) of the Week: Paladen

    -When your best player of the week only drops 8 kills, you have a combined 1-10 and a combined 4-10, and your score is exactly half that of the team that won the game, you've gotta think there's something horribly wrong here. There are a lot of things wrong with Paladen, really, and I hope their performance in all leagues this first week out gets them thinking about that. I want to see these guys do better in every possible way, but there's some really poor decision making going on there that's holding them back more than anything, and no amount of blaming losses on Sir Spider's lag will fix that.

    Dishonorable Mentions: siaxis (1-6, subbed out), badjob (2-6, subbed out), Engineers (3-8, subbed out), Seismic (1-6, subbed out)

    Week 2 features

    DyNasty vs. Dice
    ASIANS vs. Fierce
    Paladen vs. Epidemic
    hit vs. Sweet
    Penetrate vs. Thunder

    Good luck to all teams!

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    (btw thunder isnt facing hit, fked up in interview)
    1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

    1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

    Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

    Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

    Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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      Good read guys, hopefully next week we can have better interview without having tits and porn in it LOL Del. Fun game's to watch in week one of many to come.
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        Amazing writeup sir spider and cres muhhh boyyyyyyy with great interviews! luv u guys

        dx 4 life
        i like 2 wear my undies until dey become brown hehe!!


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          beast write up, that asians vs dice game was epic.
          1:cripple> lol i got 2 girls behind me in my bed making out waiting for my 10 inch rod i dont think i can play another one, let me ask if they can wait 10 more min brb
          1:Mythril> LOOOOOOL
          1:2pacZ> this guy
          1:Stayon> LOL


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            Horrible...absolutely horrible. Who is this Sir Spider?
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              Originally posted by Ganon-Knight View Post
              On a fun note, Cres and Rasaq's records added up to 9-11.
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              1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

              1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

              Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

              Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

              Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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                Me, Apok, and Deez just decided that we weren't trying to lose that match so we decided to put it in try mode and ended up winning haha.
                4:DEEZ NUTS> geio hopefully u smoke ur last cig right now
                4:Geio> yo wont ever happen again
                4:Geio> DEEZ?
                4:Geio> LOLOL
                4:DEEZ NUTS> LOL
                4:scoop> cant tell if deez was trying to be a good influence or telling him to die LOL
                4:spirit> LOL
                4:Geio> LOLOL THINK HE TOLD ME TO DIE
                4:Geio> FUCKING DICKHEAD


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                  nice read spider i wish someone would do this for us javs aswell. this was an awesome read, and the audio file was great aswell.

                  +1 man!
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                  Goddess> Keith
                  Goddess> gonna eat you

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                  (disown)> he loved to give head


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                    at this time i wish 2 present u w/ speech cres give us before game with pala. it inspire us 2 gr8ness n i hope it inspire u 2

                    Penetrate, a squad I used to think was full of people who lag and cheat to win games. A squad which i heard from other people in TW which had strict rules and hence I should avoid joining it. All of this ofcourse when i was a newb on Fierce. The identity of Penetrate then was that of a newb squad that was doomed to be at the bottom of the ladder even though there were great players on it. One day i was approached by Sir Spider in chat, a guy who i actually did not like at all because he fk radio lots and we had many trash talking sessions with Penetrate after we lost. He had asked me to join Penetrate since Fierce was dying. I thought to myself do i really want to join this newb squad? I decided not to....I ran after the big named squads for a while and then eventually guess where i ended up....Penetrate.

                    I think i developed as a decent player through Pene because of the activity of the squad. We dded like 10 times a day. As the days rolled on we gathered new people like Outshined and at this point i dont even remember if Raazi was on Penetrate? Then came TWL qualification time, me being a newb got all caught up into this TWL talk and wanted Penetrate to make top 10. But top 10...LOL...Penetrate could barely make the top of the 20's. Then there was an announcement that there were gonna be 10 LD teams. At that time i believe Penetrate was ranked 20th. We started to DD alot and wisely. We only dded squads we knew we could beat and people tried their hardest....while some did not. We managed to reach the 11th rank on ladder. We were I think 30 points behind Dependency who was ranked 10th. Time was winding hour was left for TWL teams to be named. I think i made a mistake here by challenging Dependency, I wanted to gain the points fast since an hour was left but i underestimated Dependency.
                    Dependency had their best players on, like SS Tricky and LordGore i believe. We crushed them of course. Only person who managed to go neg was Sir Spider i believe. I could go barely 18-10 during that dd. Our chance at TWL was here. It was ours. I decided to spam squad, i was so happy about da win....because in reality the fault was mine. I was the biggest factor in the end. I carried my teammates when it mattered most, I carried myself. I had won us the chance of making TWL in the long run. I never questioned my skills and therefore set out to challenge other squads where i would learn something new. I don't apologize for this because i did not tell Pene about it, and me being the 4th assist at that time really left Pene shocked after i challenge. I think everyone was a bit shocked after we win this because of the anticipation and the sheer effect of winning in an intense instance.

                    That was the past, and we've come a long way from that. I don't regret dding
                    Dependency and i do not regret what came from all of this. We had grown as a squad, and even till this day our average rank on ladder is between 5-10. A huge improvement from bottom of the ladder.

                    Now to discuss the future, the new identity of Penetrate. Im tired of people stereotyping a newb squad as
                    Penetrate. Our goal was to make TWL next year and it happened. Sir Spider is ready with his experience, when has the guy not been ready. Raazi and Rasaq will do their parts, and I assure you that I will be ready as well to take us to TWL. The identity of Penetrate has already changed from what it was and we will create a new one next season. I understand that Penetrate will lose its essential foundation in this run in TWL but i have thought of a plan for this. As this season gets going and dding starts to get intense and points start to matter, many people will not get a chance to play. Maybe around 10 people will be dding and the rest will just bd and jd. Bding i feel is the best way because usually the other members who are not getting a chance to dd will love to bd, seeing that they are from Pub. However if a person wants to get better at wbing/dding then i suggest that that person requests to do so with sincerity and approach one of the dders on the squad and im sure that person will receive training and a chance in dds. Im pretty sure emotions will be flying this season as it is normal to. Any type of competition comes with emotion and a clash of opinions. Obviously we as a squad will try to cope with it. Id also like to request that you all cope with me, because I hate to lose and I get a bit angry after we lose. Keep in mind that i get angry usually because I am the one who Fails . P.S. zhou, Im sorry if i happen to be a bit rude and demanding at times, but its all with good intentions for the squad.

                    I have a list of Requests which i hope are met

                    - as the next season of TWL starts, id like Sir Spider to become Cap again, nothing to take away from Minotar who was a great cap and kept Penetrate active

                    -a change in attitude of squad members, do not DD just to DD...DD to win...i understand for some that DDing is like a stress reliever or just a game, but to some it actually matters more, I dont mind losing when we have tried 100 percent to win, but losing with no effort pisses me off. So i suggest you all to make this our motto "Win or Lose trying"

                    -expand as a Basing squad, this will keep the foundation of Penetrate to what it is and will also expand the squads horizons, recruit basers from Pub if we have to(read above), Jding as well....but this is more of a challenge.

                    - Id like veloce or anyone really on squad to apply for an ER spot in the hopes of having a connection to Staff from squad, it really does help during times of chaos when the Staff is needed and we have our own man in staff to smooth our problems

                    - Be on the lookout for a 5th wb who will fit our criteria for our TWL line
                    so far the TWL line is Sir spider, rasaq, raazi, and me......I also want 2 subs just in case.....and im throwing out the names zath and outshined...i havent discussed this with them yet. I suggest that these few players get better by dueling,dding more, practicing more because we all know what type of skill is needed in TWL. Even if gathering more knowledge and skills requires leaving squad to join another...discuss this with everyone else first, and dont forget to come back to Penetrate with no ego's or attitude problems

                    -Be supportive of Penetrate this season, because we are fighting all odds by trying to make this TWL a success

                    PENETRATE TWL BABY
                    k im done Nucka's
                    read this before I ( 1 pl0x rule) u
                    GOD DAMMIT NAPPA


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                      this guy done editing speech by da gr8 crescent seal on nc17 in 2009

                      y this the end result, haf created monsters in warbird thru gr8 speeches rememba dis

                      1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

                      1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

                      Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

                      Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

                      Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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                          oh, i forgot to logon, was too busy SWIMMING


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                            TWDTJ & TWDTB FINALIST 2019


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                              Originally posted by Jones View Post
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