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  • Player Showrates

    We'll be compiling a list of showrates with notes for the Top 50 players in every league to help captains make more informed decisions in the draft.

    Player List
    Defending TWLB, TWDT-B, and Basing Cup champion

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    Please send me your upcoming dates that you can't show next 2-3 months so I can try to optimize the playoff schedule so the most people possible can play -- we have several big names holding off from signing up cores because of things like this, so we need to publish a schedule.

    Defending TWLB, TWDT-B, and Basing Cup champion


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      Gone for july, and work random days for shift work for what it's worth
      Subspace - Best kept secret in the video gaming world. Let's keep it that way.


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        Probably closer to a 5 for me
        1:banzi> renzi cant even read a where's waldo (wally) book

        1:banzi> yo guys i figured out google. top 10 UK boys name in 20/21. oliver, george, arthur, noah, muhammad, leo, oscar, harry
        1:Ardour> thats 8

        2:saiyan> [Dec 22 21:22] Rough: yo just came on to tell you, can you go on a real date with a girl (need to be specific here lol) instead of talking to claus on forums about calcs and formulas for a league? Happy holidays btw


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          No travel plans
          Best> Para is the only guy i know who can put a quarter up his nostrils lol


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            No plans right now, 9* showrate, might lose few games