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    Originally posted by Exalt View Post

    You've never been close to a 9* wb, and if you were rated as a 9*, then everyone in TW who rated you had brain damage. That alone shows how dead this game was when the rest of us quit for years.
    you went 46-93 as a 7* in this "dead game" the year I won as a 9*. you literally had the worst season out over over 1000 in the history of TWDT-D.

    you're a mentally ill dunning-kruger forum warrior who has to write novels on here because you suck so bad at this game it's your only recourse.

    you're the biggest loser in the history of this game, because you're such a miserable, unloved human being that even when you don't play the game, you take time out of your day to log into forums and tell people to stop having fun or being happy they won something because it didn't occur between 2004-2006 which you've judged as the only era worth winning.
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      I find it amusing that you guys are using Ravage as an example of an "understar 7.5* player" when he has been completely unplayable at that rating and benched on every team for 4 seasons of dt in a row.
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        Originally posted by ogron View Post

        this is just not accurate at all.

        the difference between Draft, Yeh, Hellzno!, Ravage, Major Crisis, Zeebu, Aselsan, Rojo at 7.5* and Beam, Steadman, Tripin, Dak, Siaxis and Peru at 9* is massive. you can cherrypick Rasaq choking in the playoffs at 9* or find a misrated 7.5* playing well, which proves nothing. The average 9* blows the average 7.5* out of the water.
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