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  • Technical Details (Bots/Web)

    Have we thought about how this will work in terms of the bot/web development required?

    I'm thinking with some minor changes to bots we can use the same database tables as TWDT? It's a huge job (BIET will agree) setting up new tables for each of these leagues and new bot game types dedicated to them? Also any website would need new APIs providing the data.

    This is probably more suited to a discussion on Slack but just throwing it out there.

    Behind the scenes we could just setup 3 new seasons in the TWDT table, and make a CupBot that copies all the TWDT management commands, but forces them to one of the 3 new wb/jav/base seasons in the DB?

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    I wasn't asked to help out, nor can I guarantee I have time to handle the bot side for these cup leagues. It's not too difficult to run these smaller leagues manually. So I was under the impression that was the plan to answer your first question.