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The mobile site for the vB update sucks

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  • The mobile site for the vB update sucks

    Why is my default avatar a guy? I am female in anything I do on this game, so I see no reason for that to be a default avatar design. Make the default avatar the Continuum logo instead of these lame designs. Please revert back to the previous version, because this one definitely sucks.

    From Governor layout

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    Avatar lacks even the silhouette of a penis, so it seems to be undefined gender. You can certainly upload an avatar, if you wish.

    Wirah (the forum baron) should be back from vacation soon, at which point he can begin to sort out some of these issues. If you like, there's a vBulletin app that may offer a better mobile layout. We have yet to add any themes beyond the defaults.
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      First world feminism problem