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SubSpace/Continuum not optimized for 2018 MacBook Pro OS

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    Originally posted by Rab View Post
    time to get windows bois
    Never. Getting a Mac is the reason I quit ss for 5 or so years until I realized it was later optimized for Mac.


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      Hey Everyone,

      The issue with the latest MacOS (Catalina) is that it's missing (well actually no longer supports) 32bit libraries to run these old windows apps... CodeWeavers, a WINE commercial company, has recently released a beta of WINE where 32bit apps are working on Catalina! It really is incredible work. After they finish this major update, they will add the patches upstream to the main WINE distro. At that point, I can get this working in the wrapper again... Not sure of an ETA yet...

      You can read about their efforts and progress on their blog:

      For now, a virtual machine or bootcamp into windows is the only way to run continuum on Catalina. ...So stay with Mojave as long as you can!

      TLDR: I will update the wrapper in the future when I can.

      - spiffyguy