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Not able to log in, all servers down for me..

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  • Not able to log in, all servers down for me..


    This just started happening tonight.
    I cant log in, it shows that all zones are down. But on twd page games are still happening in tw , it just seems to be me..

    My connection is obviously fine, i can send this message..

    What should i do?

    Does anyone know any server addresses that i can use

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    y spam u shit..... :P:o
    Fuck it.


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      i use this directory server:
      jasonofabitch loves!!!!


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        shows all (well, at least most) of the current directory servers that are up and working.


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          sry for spamming, just wanted more ppl to see so i can fix this.

          It keeps saying invalid directory, and wont download any of the servers.
          "Unable to retrieve zone listing"
          i tried them all...

          dunno what to do here
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            have you tried a different browser???
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              different browser?

              not interenet address...

              subspace zone addresses.

              Alll my zones show up in red.

              not able to log in


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                Fuck it.


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                  any suggestions from staff..?


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                    it's a sign from the ss gods telling you to quit because you suck
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                      so... can anyone help me with this,

                      or is this tech support forum completely useless


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                        Did you reinstall continuum like flabby suggested in that thread? Not to program files but to c://continuum?
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                          the reason all your zones are red and you cant talk to the directories is because you are behind a firewall or router that is blocking your data on all ports except like common ones like #80, which you are using to see this message

                          i dont know why i bothered writing this to an idiot who spammed 20 threads about your problems, then is a big enough douchebag to insult the people trying to help you, faggot
                          youre probably too stupid to understand this anyways
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