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Linux WINE ACL for Threads and Processes (required by Continuum)

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  • Linux WINE ACL for Threads and Processes (required by Continuum)

    I've tried the hackish way of simply returning `null` in `OpenProcess` function but I can't build wine properly, I've tried with different flags and what not.
    Is there any modern version of wine compiled and ready to run Continuum? seems to be down and the patch is staged but not merged: (if you put some pressure on this bug report that would help too).

    So hey, let's give linux some love.

    Was able to build the patched version of wine from
    Then created a 32 bit prefix(container folder thingy) for new wine and tried to run continuum... it complained about winbind.
    To build winbind from AUR be aware that the package lib32-libwbclient depends on lib32-avahi which depends on lib32-qt4 and that one will only build using multilib-build command, found in devtools package.
    However in it's PKGBUILD file there's an argument specifically to run on GCC 6: `-std=gnu++98`, if you are using GCC 7 like me then you have to comment it out to avoid &&src being invalid...
    however then javascriptcore won't build... so I'm stuck for now looking for valid standards that will build both modules...

    EDIT 2:
    I neglected a log file... nevermind...

    EDIT 3:
    Old version = breaks unicode parsing header stuff (&&src is invalid syntax)
    New version = breaks javascript module with some "undefined constant" error...

    So yeah
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