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    Obviously windowed 1440p isn't really usable on a 1440p monitor because of the taskbar and window title, so here's instructions for making custom resolutions.


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      Anyone have a way to make the ss window return to the same position every time you open it? or to perfectly center?


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        Heard from a reliable technical fella that some performance issues may be related to UAC. In those cases, he suggests using DXWindow. This is the English translation (originally a tool only in Japanese):

        This might accomplish the same thing, is perhaps slightly newer:
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          I've always felt like client performance is drastically worse in javs than other events.

          I'm wondering if someone in the know about ss maps can chime in on why this might be. I suspect it might be related to doors, but wtf do I know.

          For example, here are two screenshots from pub, which shows fps is 50% better outside of the flag room.


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            Here's a screenshot of wbduel, which is one of the best performing maps.

            You can get a sense of what fps is possible for me on a fairly empty map.

            Whilst doing this I realised that a comparible area in the elim map performs noticably worse.


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              Here's a similar thing comparing javduel to a similar area in elim.