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    Obviously windowed 1440p isn't really usable on a 1440p monitor because of the taskbar and window title, so here's instructions for making custom resolutions.


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      Anyone have a way to make the ss window return to the same position every time you open it? or to perfectly center?


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        Heard from a reliable technical fella that some performance issues may be related to UAC. In those cases, he suggests using DXWindow. This is the English translation (originally a tool only in Japanese):

        This might accomplish the same thing, is perhaps slightly newer:
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          I've always felt like client performance is drastically worse in javs than other events.

          I'm wondering if someone in the know about ss maps can chime in on why this might be. I suspect it might be related to doors, but wtf do I know.

          For example, here are two screenshots from pub, which shows fps is 50% better outside of the flag room.


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            Here's a screenshot of wbduel, which is one of the best performing maps.

            You can get a sense of what fps is possible for me on a fairly empty map.

            Whilst doing this I realised that a comparible area in the elim map performs noticably worse.


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              Here's a similar thing comparing javduel to a similar area in elim.


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                bump, would really like to get to the bottom of map performance and improve performance of our maps, all ideas welcome.


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                  Originally posted by Rab View Post
                  Another observation since switching browser from Chrome to Firefox.
                  Having Chrome open in the background is worse than having Firefox open in the background.
                  F knows why, but it's noticable.
                  Chrome uses significantly more RAM with each tab that is open than Firefox does. The easiest way to test this is to open Task Manager and go to the Details tab. Open multiple Chrome tabs and then open multiple Firefox tabs, then see which takes more memory. Chrome is by far the worst offender of this in my opinion. It shouldn't really matter for most people with modern computers, but people also forget how these browsers can effect lag spikes as well.

                  The real issue is that Continuum/Subspace is such a finicky game in terms of lag that almost anything can cause problems. You can have one of the best connections in the world, but you may still be unable to play at all if you live far enough away from the server, because the hops you are forced to take to get there are through absolute garbage servers. If half of Europe is trying to get through some shit American server hops, then expect huge ploss with no ability to play due to unreasonable lag limits in place.

                  The old limits set by PriitK were changed by people like Qan to be obnoxious for anyone living outside of America, and it effectively makes it impossible for any Asian or Australian to play Continuum at all. Medium lag spike limit is only 50 now, so you can have sub 100 ms (basically every European has this by default), .1 .1 ploss, and you'll still lagout. Connect during a bad time where most of the world is trying to reach American servers, and you can likely expect to have ploss near the 1.5% limit. Connect with anyone else using your internet along with you, be it for simple browsing or for something like netflix, and you can expect to not be able to play at all due to ping spikes. Meanwhile, an American can be running a damn Bittorrent seedbox and won't lagout due to their proximity to the server, but someone outside of America would automatically lagout by simply opening Chrome for 5 seconds.

                  Simply put, I've never, ever seen such a finicky game in terms of lag limits as Continuum, and it's only this way due to recent changes by people living close to the server. I suspect that if the server was still in Finland, most Americans wouldn't be able to play at all with the current lag limits in place, especially when European internet tends to be much, much better than the bullshit Comcast, Centurylink, Frontier, etc offer in America. I don't know why the lag limits were set that way, because frankly, cutting off much of the world from being able to play at all wasn't exactly a good idea in terms of keeping the player base alive.