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    In this thread I'd like people to post their tips & tricks for improving client performance.

    My observations:
    - Client rendering performance gets noticably worse above 1080p
    - The stuttering that results makes everyone's lag look more severe (may be why I report for lag so much)

    I have ticked:
    - Software Emulation
    - Avoid Page Flipping
    - No Framerate Limit
    - Disable Clipping

    And this seems to improve the situation greatly.

    I've heard some people talking about a program called Resizer, which may allow custom resolutions, and may change the rendering pipeline, but I haven't been able to get it to work (it errored saying it couldn't find Continuum.exe). So maybe someone else can elaborate on what this does, if it's permitted, how to make it work, etc.

    And any other input is welcome. I think the gaming experience can be greatly improved for most people by changing a few settings.

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    Resizer thread:


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      I'm trying out something called FastSync atm, info:

      Interested in hearing others' opinions on SS w/ FastSync, GSync, FreeSync..


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        Doesn't make any sense but my fps would go up 200% just by having youtube video up in the background. Maybe try it out?


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          This is interesting. I defo get a lot of this sort of stuttering.


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            Anyone here have a high refresh rate monitor and can comment on how much it helps with ss?


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              Originally posted by Rab View Post
              I'm trying out something called FastSync atm, info:
              Verdict: This setting is good because it completely eliminates tearing, ppl with nvidia GPUs should turn it on.


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                Just realised a key bit of information is missing from this thread.

                To make FPS appear (tiny red text at the top of your screen) press Esc+F