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Improve Quality of Life (IQoL) #6 - Banned Words and Moderation

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  • Improve Quality of Life (IQoL) #6 - Banned Words and Moderation

    Mission Statement: I am a firm believer that if you could improve the quality of life of any organization, no matter how major or minor, inevitably the system will grow and improve. Therefore, I will start a series of suggestions and feedback to what I believe may be a positive impact in the zone. Feel free to leave your constructive criticism, whether it be support or against the premise. Trolls will not be tolerated.

    Topic: There is a severe lack of moderation in this game leading to people freely attack others based on their their race, gender preference, belief, etc. It is difficult sometimes to moderate situations where people are blatantly avoiding the bot by using "variant words" - but this tactic can easily be resolved. The game needs a more positive atmosphere and people should start behaving like adults. There are lines that should not be crossed.

    • Implement a list of banned words, including should be inflammatory words and their variants (i.e kigger, kig, kigga, pag, paggot, link, pew, etc). The list should be extensive. This will ease the workload of staff significantly, since there will be an objective line drawn with an automated process.
    • The bot should automatically pick up these words and their variants, and immediately warn the player. Next, the staff should review each cases manually and determine if further punishment be issued (e.g. mute, ban, etc).
    • Repeat offenders should have increasing punishment, and each case should be assessed based on severity of the offense.
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    I'd say no to this. It's the obsession with words that led to staff not enforcing existing rules correctly. E.g. they think silencing people who use the n word fulfils their duties to prevent racism.


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      Yes to automation, but I would take it further and make an algorithm that can understand entire sentences and their context. Probably impossible to do.

      No to increasing punishment, you escalate that way, and a hacker will win any escalation on a dated game when the mods can barely keep up already. Some people will learn hacking if they feel targeted/abused. Anything that makes it personal, like a mod insulting a troll then banning or silencing them or even the threats of I'll ban you, starts a flight or fight response. This leads to fight usually, meaning they'll take the ban/silence, or repeat offenses, and find ways to target the zone and players, and the shit cycle continues.

      You want to make friends here not enemies.