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Staff Unjust Silence Ban Again

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  • Staff Unjust Silence Ban Again

    No Rule was broken mother fuckers again
    staff is abusing power

    12 hours???? what the fuck is wrong with you sick mother fuckers

    I hope something really really really really really really really bad happens to you

    I hate you with all of my heart

    TW-Guard0> You've been silenced for 720 (720 remaining) minutes because of abuse and/or violation of Trench Wars rules.
    TW-Guard0> If you were unjustly banned, visit to create a ticket, or email (BanC #8054)


    v2k> sex is serious why do you thinks atan pushes constantly in culture on tv etc
    Soul Cloud> LOOL
    GYpSi> rofl if you wernt ugly
    sleepyjoe> They Trust Their Instincts. To be a truly confident man, one has to trust his own instincts. They See Everything As An Opportunity. They Focus On What They Want. They Take Risks. They Learn From Their Mistakes. They Show Empathy. They Act As The P
    GYpSi> you would change your wording you mofo
    Salty~Kitty~> nice catch Soul Cloud
    v2k> you create soul ties and become married to someone you dont love it causes great torment
    GYpSi> fucking bullshitters
    sleepyjoe> gypsi do u like confident men
    sleepyjoe> do u want to have a traditional peruvian wedding?
    GYpSi> ive trained peruvian horses
    v2k> i seen many people suicide over problems with love
    YPRunks> nooooo
    [FLAG] INCONCEIVABLE!!: FreeSpirit claims flag for Freq 1 with just 3 seconds left!
    GYpSi> peruvian paso finos
    sleepyjoe> love is an illusion in the age of tattoos
    GYpSi> ?lag
    PING Current:70 ms Average:60 ms Low:30 ms High:360 ms S2C: 5.7% C2S: 0.1%
    First Striker> There is no need for homosexuals in a species
    sleepyjoe> im going to have a floating barge with a horse corral and pot farm lets have a traditional mongolian wedding
    GYpSi> ive never cared much for the importance of men
    sleepyjoe> hey manco i get jobs offers when they dont know what i look like either
    GYpSi> ive been self sufficient my whole life
    Salty~Kitty~> lol
    Listening: Warcraft
    First Striker> There is no need for homosexuals in a species...
    sleepyjoe> or grandmas
    GYpSi> if the man isnt a teacher or an artist fuck em
    GYpSi> or engineer
    Warcraft> i went to the dentist a week ago and they filled out my information for me and on race they listed me as "other".
    v2k> lol
    sleepyjoe> whats that
    GYpSi> or some purposed man, then i just dont care
    v2k> i remmeber once i was stopped by police and they said i was "dirty white"
    sleepyjoe> does anyone have a ss tattoo
    Bomboni> Other LOL
    GYpSi> but america doesnt have purpose for men any more
    v2k> im part spanish so...
    sleepyjoe> the only thing all the 'confident men' have in common on google images
    Warcraft> but wait i thought i was white and had white privilege.
    GYpSi> besides cardiac victims and war meat puppets
    Warcraft> thats what you guys said
    sleepyjoe> is gay clothes
    Bomboni> ur a hispanic
    sleepyjoe> manco isnt hispanic hes uighur
    Salty~Kitty~> ack
    Humanism> The kiss of death joined my team
    GYpSi> manco no white guy has a nose like that
    sleepyjoe> only meat he eats is sheep
    First Striker> Sexual deviation is a plot by the santanic worshippers to take over the world
    v2k> lol
    GYpSi> ur hungarian remember
    sleepyjoe> gypsi is inbred alabama hill ppl
    GYpSi> no
    v2k> the huns were badass the mongolians you should be proud of that
    sleepyjoe> close enough
    Warcraft> most hungarians i know have blonde hair and blue eyes though
    GYpSi> im scot canadian norwegian
    Bomboni> GYpSi> manco no white guy has a nose like that
    Bomboni> LOOOOOOOL
    v2k> thats why hungarians are so proud and confused theyre a great race but in western europe so they derp
    YPRunks> lol oops
    Bomboni> Manco needs to gona and get the truth
    Bomboni> but itll prob say 'Other'
    sleepyjoe> why r white ppl so ugly
    GYpSi> ive never seen a hungarian guy with blond blue eyes
    YPRunks> ns
    Salty~Kitty~> thx
    Neil> manco is azn
    First Striker> white ppl are 90% stupid fucking morons or autistic assholes
    GYpSi> manco, big noses are great for sex
    sleepyjoe> like look at people from uk a lot legit look like trolls
    sleepyjoe> the whites
    Salty~Kitty~> ns 2 u
    GYpSi> you shouldnt let it bring you down
    v2k> who cares if youre pure white the huns/mongolians were the best anyway
    [KILL-O-THON] begins. Most in-base kills in 10min wins $1,000 +$150 per kill.
    sleepyjoe> I m one of those people that are so smart that I m uncomfortable in this world
    GYpSi> making out with guys with big noses is HOT
    Humanism> Thanks free spirit
    sleepyjoe> lol gypsi
    sleepyjoe> big noses get in the way
    GYpSi> i know thats why you have to fight with it, and its hot
    GYpSi> smash face even harder
    GYpSi> hold even closer
    GYpSi> MMmmmmM!
    Warcraft> whenever i try to claim im a victim of racism they say "uhhh you're white!!!!"
    v2k> manco is the ugly duckling preaching to white people all this time not realising hes actually of a superior race
    Warcraft> but the dentist marked my race as other
    First Striker> the world is 90% mexican
    Warcraft> and here you people are saying im not white
    GYpSi> manco is not ugly
    Warcraft> Basically you call me white and non-white whenever it's convenient for you. You switch.
    First Striker> if you're irish and british you're mexican
    Warcraft> When I applied for the Ku Klux Klan and provided a picture they told me I wasn't white.
    GYpSi> basically i dont care
    GYpSi> how about that
    GYpSi> i love big black dick you think i care what race you are
    sleepyjoe> look at race projections for the usa
    Humanism> lol @ blm
    Humanism> aight afk
    Bomboni> you even got denied by the KKK ? Lol yowzers
    First Striker> if you're irish and italian you're mexican
    v2k> manco your ancestors defeated white people they ahd to emergency call the roman empire for help
    sleepyjoe> italians arent wite
    First Striker> if you're spanish and aztec you're mexican
    sleepyjoe> sounds like ur aztec
    sleepyjoe> great restaurant
    [FLAG] END OF GAME: Freq 0 wins after 18:10 (Bonus: +$9,540) Turnovers: 39
    - The Basemaster(tm) : A Sporon +$1,150 - Most Veteran-Like : BIET +$575
    - Flag Savior : FreeSpirit +$575 - Best Terrier : FreeSpirit +$575
    - Slayer of Red Ships : BIET +$575 - Most Leviathan Kills : BIET +$575
    - Possibly Intoxicated : BLACKLIVESMA +$21
    Salty~Kitty~> ooooof
    GYpSi> bohefag is so ugly he cant even post his pics
    [OPEN DUEL] BIET challenges anyone to Warbird for $10,000. :tw-p:!accepto BIET
    v2k> dont call me that
    GYpSi> thats half these guys problems
    Salty~Kitty~> that didn't hit you on my screen Spectra
    Warcraft> I get discriminated against 24/7 because of my perceived race, perceived religion, perceived sexual orientation, and perceived mental illness.
    v2k> dont lie
    Warcraft> Why not actually talk to me and get to know me?
    Warcraft> Faggot.
    GYpSi> yeah no shit
    ROUND START! Hold flag for 1:45 consecutively to win.
    sleepyjoe> maybe because u sound boring and bitter manco
    GYpSi> these fucking losers are pathetic scabs
    sleepyjoe> if i had to interact with u i would make it quick
    Salty~Kitty~> that one did
    First Striker> The nazis want you to believe your superior if your white until they take over they world and then if you're not aryan you'll be made a slave
    GYpSi> they got nothin
    v2k> show ur pics gypsi
    GYpSi> i dont have to show you shit faggort
    [BASEELIM] Jav elim to 5 starting now. Last winner: bram (8:4) +$18308 ?go elim to play! -Robo Ref
    GYpSi> bohefag
    First Striker> Non-Aryans are considered white trash to the nazis
    GYpSi> anyone who knows me knows wqhere my shit is
    Warcraft> What does Aryan mean?
    Warcraft> Is Aryan and Nordic the same thing?
    GYpSi> and then stalkers like angelgirl who stalk my fb
    GYpSi> LOl
    [FLAG] END OF GAME: Freq 0 wins after 1:55 (Bonus: +$1,935) Turnovers: 1
    - Basing King/Queen : BIET +$500 - Most Veteran-Like : BLACKLIVESMA +$250
    - Flag Savior : Magnum Size +$250 - A Great Yorkshire Terr : Magnum Size +$250
    - Most Terrier Kills : BLACKLIVESMA +$250
    Warcraft> Feel free to like my old tweets or respond to shit I posted a year ago. I don't freak out like these paranoid bitches. I have better things to do than accuse innocent people of being stalkers and block them.
    [GOAL JACKPOT!] The next team to make a goal wins $10,000!
    v2k> have u ever dated anyone on this game gypsi?
    sleepyjoe> hey does anyone like girls with hair nips
    First Striker> Non- aryans are considered "white trash" if you're not a true nazi
    GYpSi> why would i do that
    sleepyjoe> gypsi is going to have a traditional inuit wedding with manco
    v2k> cus youre talking about pics n stuff
    ROUND START! Hold flag for 1:45 consecutively to win.
    Enemy Goal! by Magnum Size Reward:225
    v2k> why do you want to see pics of people?
    GYpSi> you are a fucking piece of work
    sleepyjoe> im kidding lets have a traditional cuban wedding
    GYpSi> why dont you shut the fuck up pathetic loser
    GYpSi> put up or shut up
    TW-Guard0> You've been silenced for 720 (720 remaining) minutes because of abuse and/or violation of Trench Wars rules.
    TW-Guard0> If you were unjustly banned, visit to create a ticket, or email (BanC #8054)
    GYpSi> fucking horrible troll
    First Striker> If you're not "aryan" your just :redneck white trash: and not worthy of being considered a true nazi
    GYpSi> !buy decoy
    sleepyjoe> why r there these white male 20s kids shooting ppl in american south
    v2k> thats not true

    Last edited by A fem bot; 01-29-2019, 04:20 AM.
    Fi> where are my freedom letters going?
    Shock Halo> howdy, OMG I want to retire but I'm too broke and not good enough lookin to be a hooker!

    BigE> what do you do for a living skycake?
    BigE> that makes you think you are capable of talking down to others? custodian? burger flipper?

    Amnesti> tiger told me u called him lyme disease retard

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    Stop additive/history based punishments, also consider talking to someone for at least 15 minutes in a none-threatening manner before you threaten them with a silence. Consider more distraction policies to moderation, and yeah where is the warning? where is the log of what rule was broken? Qan said mods have to forward this for every moderation option they take. So is there some highlighted log somewhere that shows what Gypsi did wrong and why the mod chose to silence for 12 hours? If not, then consider removing or re-training your moderator.


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      Mod's are pretty cool to me, they just PM me and tell me to tone it down a bit, hehe.