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IDEA: Home Arenas / Squad Arenas in TWD

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  • IDEA: Home Arenas / Squad Arenas in TWD

    Yet another idea presented by Tiny that I thought is worth bringing up here on the forums for discussion.

    We are all familiar with the concept of squad arenas. Most likely in the past you?ve been in a squad that has, at some point, uploaded a dedicated home arena.
    Sometimes you will see these as public arenas. (?go paladen, ?go final, ?go pallies)
    Other times they are hidden as privs (?go #value, ?go #light, ?go #elusive)
    Public arenas would sometimes see events hosted (Paladen birthday events), and privs are/were generally used for practice rounds before a league match.

    We think it could be fun to allow squads to create their home arenas and actually play TWD matches on home ground.
    The arenas would be clones of the twdd/twjd/twbd arenas with one simple change.. the sprite for the tileset. All tiles remain the same but their colors can change to match the branding of a squad.

    A great example of this is ?go #mambo. See screenshot below:

    The bots would need some tweaks but we imagine it could work as follows:

    MatchBot8> !challenge <squad>:<players>:<arena> - request a game of TWJD against <squad> with <players> in <arena>

    So !challenge Rage:3:monster would send a 3v3 challenge to Rage that would take place in ?go monster.

    Maps and ships would need to be submitted and approved of course.

    Maps would need to be a clone of twdd/twjd/twbd arenas so MatchBot warpto commands continue to work correctly. Only the sprite should change.

    What do you think?
    -Wirah (Method/Mefod)

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    If you require them all to be the same, then decide to change the standard layout, you either have to abandon this project, accept some outdated layout, or update them all. I don't support something that prevents the standard layout from being changed in the future. IMO a big problem in this game is maps staying the same for too long and getting stale. See cram.


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      Ill do some mapping work if you want. You can probably logo the NKZ if there is one, and add an LVZ graphic for the squad somewhere in the arena.


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        Is there anyone who is very good with maps that could mass produce some TWJD maps and just change the colors and add some team names?
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