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  • New Elim Site

    Our newest webdev, AngelGirl, has been working hard on a new Elim website.

    It comes with per-game data that can't be seen on our old site at

    Explore trends in your game visually! You can also compare two players side by side for maximum bragging rights/embarrassment. Click the Compare slider next to the name search box to enable.

    Please post suggestions and feature requests/changes in this thread.
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    This is sick, great work AG!
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      might want to put a link that allows to go back to the 'top' site without the use of the back button. other than that, pretty slick

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        nice job.


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          Doesn't seem to be displaying current stats?

          Also, would be nice to see all our games like we could in the past, I don't know why it only shows wins now?
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            The site is good, probably should display all data like clause expected. But I have a feeling the site work isn't done and this was just a preview of what there is so far...

            I don't know what current projects are in development, but the elim site just taken by itself is something that is preference based or a bonus to have. It's not exactly what trench wars needs as far as I can tell or what the game overall needs.

            I'm hoping someday the web developers in TW and across subspace... take on the task of creating a centralized subspace website where every zones league is represented, it would read 6 zone databases, post stats in all the different formats, have a login for each zone, and squad/league signups. if this is already in the works? then great. If not, well it's just my opinion of what in the web dev area would benefit the whole game the most...

            maybe this site is the first step towards that, since it is displaying league data etc.
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              Regarding only showing wins, game data for non-winners is only available very recently. This was a change made in anticipation of this site's release. It seems crazy, but yes, for years we have only been storing per-game stats for winners. (Or rather, the winner's stats were tacked onto the game record.) Losers' stats were just rolled into their season stats for that ship. Check the old site to confirm. No individual stats per game.

              As for records not being current, this site accesses the same DB as the bot and the other elim site, so they should all be current. If they're not, please point out where.

              In terms of a cross-zone schedule/league/event site, Wirah worked really hard on this beauty: But it has no interface for zone admins to log on and add events (which is a huge undertaking to create from scratch). So it would rely on them sending info to Wirah.
              "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
              -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                Nice new site. Thx for the hard and good work Anglegirl.
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                  - would like the search box on the homepage, annoying having to click on someone to be able to search.
                  - would like a favicon for a nicer bookmark.
                  - the season names wrap in some cases, and over time it's gonna take up a lot of vertical space, better to have a control that scales better (e.g. dropdown), most people will probably only be using the latest season anyway.