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  • TW Event Bot Module List

    To read on Google Docs, click here.

    This is a complete list of all bot modules available on RoboBot, the event hosting bot. I hope this will encourage ERs to host events using little-known bot modules, and encourage players to request them. It's divided into general modules, which don't have a specific arena they need to be used in, and specific modules, which are tied to a specific arena.

    This version in forums is copy-pasted, so it may not look great. Recommend using the Google Docs version, which will also be updated in the future, whereas this post will not.

    • Add RoboBot utils.
    • Add events hosted by bots other than RoboBot.

    The Master Arena List has also been updated with info on which specific bot modules are used in an arena, if applicable. Click here to view.

    General Modules

    These modules can be used in many different arenas. Try to think of new uses for them!


    Compete to create the most creative or funny meaning for the given acronym.

    For use in basing arenas. One team attacks, the others defend. Once the attackers take the flag, the round is over. Then teams switch and the new attackers try to beat that score.
    blackjack (formerly bbj)

    Blackjack, the classic card game. (IDEA: Hook up to pubbux?)

    Word game Boggle, where players compete to make words from a grid of letters, earning more points for difficult words. For a better graphical version, use the bogglelvz module in ?go boggle.

    Elim game. First, make kills. Kills don't count until the killer is over a certain bounty. After that, any kill they make will eliminate other players (unless they are also over the bounty threshold).

    Players start on separate freqs, and each kill they make recruits the player they killed to their team. A player wins by recruiting everyone to their freq.

    Every player is a gang leader to start. Recruit gang members by killing them. Swap out less-skilled gang members as needed. Gang members can't be eliminated by too many deaths, but gang leaders can. Last gang standing wins.
    goldengun (formerly golden)

    One player starts with super. Kill the player to get the golden gun. Should be used either in coordination with a spec task over X deaths, or as a race to X kills.

    Players are given a target to hunt. If they kill them, the target is eliminated. Last standing wins. For any general DM arena of any shiptype.

    One person is the killer, and all of their shots cause killed players to spec without any message. If a person guesses who they are, they become the killer ... but guess wrong and they are spec'd. When there are two people left, it becomes a showdown, with the next hit spec'ing.

    Players race to reach a certain number of kills.

    If you're killed, you must kill your killer in a short amount of time or you're eliminated. Good for smaller arenas, where it's easier to find players. Use a longer timer with larger arenas.

    Highest number of points after X time wins. For base or other points-based arenas.

    All players entered are randomly set to a number of frequencies, and one player from each frequency is choosen to act as president. This player is given one life, while all the other players on freq (citizens) are given infinite lives. Once the president for that freq has been killed, all players on that freq are given a last death before elimination. Once there is only one president remaining, that freq is declared winner.

    For ?go prodem and prodemevol, but can be used anywhere. Kill a lower # ship to promote to that ship. Die to a higher number ship and you're demoted. First to kill another Warbird as a Warbird wins.

    Earn more points for killing people who have killed you, and less for killing the same person over and over. Also, you lose points if someone takes vengeance on you. Most points at the end of the timer wins.

    Rock-paper-scissors (2 player only).

    Players race to unscramble a word and guess it. First to unscramble earns points.

    It starts as a normal team deathmatch to a low number of deaths (default 2). Then when one freq is eliminated, the winning team will get split up again in two seperate teams. This continues until only one person is left, the grand champion.

    Similar to acro, but for making a story. The host begins the game with a starting line for the story. Then, players submit their next line in the story, and everyone votes on the best one. The winning line is added to the story. At the end you'll have a 10 line story, and the winner is the person with the most votes across all lines.

    Normal team deathmatch with a twist. One player is a trollish Terr. If you shoot the Terr, you are eliminated. So the terr tries to be as annoying as possible. Never seen this played but it sounds hilarious. You can also play it with two teams, and each team has their own terr.

    Trivia! Answer questions, get points.

    An easy script language for making your own events! Check it out for details. Past ERs have created some really cool events with this. No previous programming knowledge required.

    One person is the untouchable. If you kill them, you're spec'd without a message. If you guess who they are, you eliminate the untouchable and become them yourself. (Reverse of killer.)

    A randomly selected player will hold a bomb. Player with bomb must get certain amount of kills before timer runs out. If timer runs out and player does not have enough kills, he is out, and a new bomber is chosen.

    Players must make a kill within a certain number of seconds. If they don't, they're eliminated. After each "wipeout" the time gets shorter. Last man standing wins.
    wordsinaword (formerly wiaw)

    Word game. At the start of the game a word is displayed. Players must make other words using the letters of the initial word.

    Probably the definitive event of TW. Get killed by a zombie, become one. Used to host zombies, bug, ghoulgames, fishies, and many others. Can be used creatively as well.

    Specific-arena modules

    These modules have been built for use in specific arenas. However, some can possibly be used in other places.


    For ?go assassin. A kill of each ship is worth a different amount of points. The team with the most points at the end of the timer wins. Killing the weasel gives a huge 250 points, so teams should protect the Weasel at all costs.
    balanceout (formerly bfallout)

    For ?go balanaceout. Stay inside the circle as it travels through dangerous territory. If you go outside the circle, you're eliminated. Last person remaining wins.

    For ?go battleship. A complex and interesting game featuring ships on the open seas. With full graphics replacement!

    For ?go boggle. Hosts graphical version of the word game boggle (preferred to boggle module), where players compete to make words from a grid of letters, earning more points for difficult words.

    For ?go cnr, Cops and Robbers. Robbers have unlimited lives, cops don't. Robbers go to jail when they die. If all robbers are jailed, cops win. If all cops die, robbers win.

    For ?go enigma and ?go enigmadm. Enigma: Try to make it through the maze while the bot throws various challenges at you. Enigmadm: Deathmatch in an enigma maze.

    For ?go fallout. Stay in the circle as it shrinks. Last survivor wins!

    For ?go freezejavs. Shoot an enemy to freeze them. Unfreeze teammates by shooting them. First team to freeze all enemies wins. Javs vs WBs but both have Jav settings. (Makes it easy to see enemies.)

    For ?go freezetag. Shoot an enemy to freeze them. Unfreeze teammates by shooting them. First team to freeze all enemies wins.

    For ?go gangwars. See map for explanation!

    For ?go gravbomber. In the style of Scorched Earth, Worms, etc. Buy weapons, set your power and angle, and fire.

    For ?go helicopter. A group of players rocket their way through a path of mines created by the bot. They must stay between the top and bottom wall of the 'tunnel', avoiding any barriers of yellow mines.
    haloctf (formerly ctf)

    For ?go halo. Halo CTF. Capture the enemy team's flag several times to win. Includes full graphic replacement!

    For ?go jailbreak. Two teams battle. When you die, you go to jail. Score a goal to unlock your team's jail.

    For ?go lasertag. Each team has a flag. Earn more points for each flag your team owns. Score goals for additional points.

    For ?go marco. All players are weasels with cloak. When the host says marco, all cloaks are removed, and players must type the word to get it back. Last one to say the word doesn't get their cloak back.

    For ?go medorp. Reverse prodem, from WB to Shark. Dying changes your ship rather than making kills. Die as a shark and you're eliminated.

    For ?go pictionary. Draw a picture with mines, and other players have to guess.
    projchaos (formerly chaos)

    For ?go projchaos. Project Chaos: Heaven vs Hell, angels vs demons, based on zombies, with RPG elements (uses EXP and $). Use *objon 1 to yourself for more information.

    For ?go rabbit. Players earn points for kills only while holding the flag. Most points at the end of the time wins.

    For racing arenas. Records a player's racing run, and then allows the bot to replay their run in ship afterward!

    For ?go sharkball. Two teams: one of sharks, and another of shooters (levs). Every time a shark dies they are warped into their 'death box'. If a shark scores their team will be freed. Sharks win when they score the required amount of goals or the opposing team is all in their box.

    For ?go spaceball. Prevent the SpaceBall (bot) from reaching your planet's atmosphere by hitting it with bullets and cannonballs. Don't cross your planet's boundaries or your engines will malfunction.

    For ?go speed. There is a bomb planted in your spaceship. It explodes if you fly under the required speedlimit. Last player in wins. Can also be hosted in other arenas.

    For ?go starcon. Based on the Star Control series. One player is a capital ship for each side. It's not clear what the win condition is. You can probably do it as an elimination or a point race.

    For ?go surfbalance, a balance map. Allows players to continue their progress -- once they beat part 1 they always start on part 2, and so on.

    For ?go tankwarfare. Tank CTF game where you take the enemy's flag, and can only capture it when your own flag is at base.

    For ?go tortuga. Buy plots of land and property, hunt for treasure, hunt bounties, collect rent and more. Persistent and interesting game with a high-quality full graphical replacement!

    For ?go tugawar/tugawar2/3/4 and boomball.

    Tugawar: each team has a cap. Only the captain's deaths count. When the captain is eliminated, the entire freq is, too.

    Boomball: soccer game with doors; toggles open doors based on player positions. Try it out to see what it's about.

    Unused Modules

    These modules are broken, incomplete, or they are specific-arena modules and their arenas have been forgotten.


    Unfinished game about commanding armies and upgrading ships. Was for use in ?go commander. Some of the concepts were later used in Distension. nuke

    Was used for pub? Nukes the base. Don't use. platoon

    For Platoon arenas created by SuperDAVE(postal). Works like reverse prodem where you're demoted to the next ship every time you die. Do you know any of the arenas that go with this module? Please let me know! soccerrace

    4 teams race to score a goal. Uses a specific arena, not sure which one. If you figure it out, please let me know.

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