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Bug: two people on the same freq in elim

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  • Bug: two people on the same freq in elim

    It is possible to get two people on the same freq in elim.
    I'm not really sure how it works, but might be if someone does !lagout and someone else does !late, possibly if the !lagout person has the highest freq number??

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    Both players typed !lagout and !late at the same time. Not sure if the freq numbers had anything to do with it. We will have a look.


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      Ahh, that makes sense, if one did !late and the other was doing !lagout. The freq code's always been extremely rough on elim, and we had the double-freq bug for years. Added extra checks but it's still not foolproof. Found out the !late freq check was being done before the late was finalized/stats were loaded, and that may have caused a problem. Moved it up to the point when the player is put in game ... might solve it, have to see.
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