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Bug: deaths spam in twbd

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  • Bug: deaths spam in twbd

    Yea so this is weird...

    Go go go!
        MatchBot> [T]  wbm at 2
    Nipple Nibbl>
           nowon> LOLLLl
        MatchBot> [T]  Joeses at 2
             wbm> fuking guy is writing a forum post about the glitch
        MatchBot> [T]  nowon at 2
           nowon> this deathbot is amazing
        MatchBot> [T]  wbm at 3
        MatchBot> -E-  Mean Gene at 2
        MatchBot> [T]  nowon at 3
        MatchBot> -E-  Poseidon at 2
             wbm> LOL
        MatchBot> [T]  Joeses at 3
        MatchBot> -E-  Poni at 2
             wbm> STOP THE BOT
        MatchBot> -E-  Trasher at 2
             Rab> wtf
        MatchBot> -E-  Poseidon at 3
           Lupin> o fuk
        MatchBot> -E-  Mean Gene at 3
        MatchBot> [T]  hellkite at 2
        MatchBot> [T]  wbm at 4
        MatchBot> -E-  Poni at 3
        MatchBot> -E-  Trasher at 3
        MatchBot> -E-  cripple at 2
        MatchBot> -E-  Iron Survivor at 2
        MatchBot> -E-  Mean Gene at 4
        Sprackle> ROFL
        MatchBot> -E-  Poni at 4
        MatchBot> [T]  nowon at 4
        MatchBot> -E-  Trasher at 4
    Reward: 200 points
        MatchBot> -E-  cripple at 3
           nowon> in what world
    Oderus Urung> what is the point of this bot
        MatchBot> -E-  Poseidon at 4
           nowon> did he survive
    [SATURDAY EVENTS] -- Sat 9:00 PM EST -- ?go Acro,DeathMatch(bountyhunter),Hunt(killer),Hunt(payback)! - TWEvents!
           Lupin> .?ignore matchbot
        MatchBot> [T]  nowon at 5
        MatchBot> [T]  wbm at 5
        MatchBot> -E-  Poni at 5
        MatchBot> -E-  Mean Gene at 5
        MatchBot> [T]  Joeses at 4
        MatchBot> -E-  cripple at 4