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  • Improve TK handling

    I was happily dominating for my team and this bot intervened when it didn't need to.

    TW-Guard0> NOTICE: Your ship has been automatically changed due to excessive killing of teammates.
    TW-Guard0> NOTICE: You have been locked out of bombing ships for 1 hour for excessive TKing. If you feel this is unwarranted, type ?help Locked out of bombing ships and a moderator will discuss it with you.

    This thing is stupid, it obviously counts TKs but does not count other Kills, including TeKs.

    So someone who's completely wrecking the other team, but TKs in the process, gets locked out of jav.
    This is bad for the player. And it's bad for the team.
    Either turn this crap off or make it work properly.

    If you have 0 Kills but 10 TKs, then action should be taken.
    If you have 50 Kills but 10 TKs, then no action should be taken.

    I suggest something like this:

    1. Add up a positive score for legit kills. TeKs are worth more.
    int positiveScore = (Kills-TKs-TeKs) + (TeKs * 3);
    2. Add up a negative score for TKs.
    int negativeScore = (TKs * 2);
    3. Punish if you are doing more harm than good.
    if (negativeScore > positiveScore)
    Kills TeKs TKs Positive Score Negative Score Outcome
    10 0 4 6 8 Punish
    10 1 1 11 2 Safe
    20 3 5 21 10 Safe
    30 5 7 33 14 Safe
    40 5 10 40 20 Safe
    Sample size

    Too small a sample can produce the wrong result, e.g. 1 min of data is too small.

    Too large a sample can average away bad behaviour, e.g. 60 minutes of data is too big.

    So something like 20 minutes?


    1 hour ship lock is harsh for an automatic action.

    Hopefully this implementation would result in fewer false-positives, but still I think that 1 hour could be reduced to 30 minutes.

    By all means if staff sees TKing, go for an hour or longer.

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    Also, a player currently gets punished without even knowing how many TKs they made.
    There should be some stats output at the end of each round, more like base, instead of the "most veteran like" ambiguous things that currently get displayed.
    Probably don't need stats for everyone, but maybe top 5 plus yourself.
    Then players would know if they were TKing too much, and might self-correct long before getting punished.


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      If it was easy enough to code i see the value in what your saying Rab...

      According to rule as is... you are punished for Excessive or Intentional Teamkilling... so it doesnt matter technically how many enemy you have killed.
      That being said if it was able to be adjusted by a bot update that would be definitely an asset. I know i answer alot of bot calls where the bot has notified and punished or setshipped...and its still counting off a continued TK count from previous sessions. Any staff answering the call doing it correctly should be checking your TK info in which case we can see how many TKs you have made in what period of time. If it seems like its not a reasonable punishment maybe because of a high count from previous... then staff can reset that count.

      Unfortunately there's no perfect world, and due to tk abuse by players when staff is unable to be on or around... the bot provides a service to help monitor TKs. Id much rather have the guy that just TKd 8 guys in 5 mins punished then have 5 of those 8 guys get pissed off and leave just because they are getting TKd so much and nothing being done about it.

      But again, if our coders thought they could implement something along those lines that would be a great upgrade for fairness on the call.
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        The TK handler isn't terribly complex. It would be good to take into account value delivered to the team somehow, agreed.

        However, that would still of course allow a player to simply do well vs enemy/have a low % of TKs, but then flat out intentionally TK a specific player with no enemies around whenever they please.

        At present the system works via decay. If you TK quite a lot in a short time, or TK the same person repeatedly, it ramps up your counter much more quickly than before. There should be quite a few warnings given before the final action is taken to shiplock you. If you switch up your playstyle to something less aggressive, or cool off with a gunner for a bit, this should be enough to allow the decay to do its magic.
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          I do everything a lot in a short time tho.


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            if 1 out of every 5 kills is a tk that is not good

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              Learn to bullet.
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                Originally posted by Rab View Post
                I do everything a lot in a short time tho.
                Would advise apologizing when you TK, then, and ask that they forgive your TKs. This can be done by PMing "np" to TW-Guard0. It refunds back your TK tax, and also nullifies the TK points received.

                There's only a message that comes up about this once, though. It might be worth having a graphic appear giving this information each time you're TK'd. (A PM each time would quickly get irritating.)
                "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                  Who can be bothered with that though? It's totally unreasonable to expect people to forgive every "worth it" TK. The system needs to work properly even if people don't do that.


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                    True, but who can be bothered to completely revamp the TK module? I'm trying to be realistic here.
                    "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                    -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                      Lol ok


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                        OR STOP TK'ING