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Every map and graphic stored on TW's server (DOWNLOAD)

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  • Every map and graphic stored on TW's server (DOWNLOAD)

    Want to have no download time (as of May 2019) for every single arena in TW? Interested in exploring some lost maps/LVZ files? Here's the download for you!

    You can unpack this directly into your Continuum/zones/SSCU Trench Wars folder. Don't have it make a subfolder. Skip already-existing files.

    You can open LVL maps using Drake's Continuum Map Editor (DCME), and see contents of LVZ files with DCME or the LVZ Toolkit. Both available here:

    FULL ARCHIVE OF ALL PUBLIC MAPS (does not include private # arenas): (65MB) (285MB)


    (NOTE: it's a bit of a large download, so if needed I can break it into parts for those who have slow connections, or possibly offer a torrent. You may also need to let it sit for quite some time before it appears the download is starting.)
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    This is awesome folks... Especially some of the bigger download type maps... The rally racing courses especially.. then u have all of the maps and lvz's in your computer and dont have to do the downloads when entering an arena u have never been in, and u get them at your high speed rather then the speed the client maxes out at which is really slow lol...

    Doesnt take long on a highspeed connection at all!
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