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Custom Graphics in subarenas

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  • Custom Graphics in subarenas

    elim subarena recently added custom ships.bm2 that overrides local custom graphics that you put in continuum/graphics/ships.bm2

    To use your custom graphics to override the subarena default:
    1) copy your custom ships.bm2 to Continuum\zones\SSCU Trench Wars\elim\ships.bm2

    h/t to turban

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    here is custom flat color ships.bm2 for you to try out:


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      ok but what do you mean is it in the computer/program files/continuum/zones because my zones folder is completely empty and the zones button on the game menu dosent have anywhere to post graphics


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        are you the administrator on your computer Myollnir ? if the folders are empty u might not have permission to see them? very odd your zones folder would be empty.. are all the zone folders? have you ever been in any other zones.. check and see if theres files in those folders too

        and you would have to create the "elim" folder in your continuum\zones\trenchwars\ folder
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