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increasing lag limits?

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  • increasing lag limits?

    Might want to increase/adjust lag limits in elim, maybe elsewhere also. The new server's connection is not cooperating with some of us, particularly west and south it seems. Or buy some diversity, which I know isn't cheap.

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    Lag limits should be decreased. Too many cheaters in this game.


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      I agree with Rab. This is 2019 if you have trash internet in this day and age it is because you choose to manipulate your connection.


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        i think its less an issue with connection of the individual and more the connection of each of the hops along the route... we have often had issues with hop1 servers....and i know the migration to the new servers.. there's definitely been some wacky hops too....

        but also at the end of the day.. .distance to the servers is still always an issue... doesnt matter how good your local connection is.. if your coming halfway across the world your gonna have higher ping then someone right close to it...

        im in ontario canada...i have 30-40 ms but its still higher when it reaches the actual servers.... sometimes closer to 100ms.. imagine that connection coming across the world and all the hops its gotta take
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          Yeah but this game's population is 80% usa/canada and 20% eu. The atlantic adds about 70ms, so anyone with a decent connection should get about 100ms from eu. You're right about people from asia but fuck all 3 of them tbh. The lag limit should be between 150ms and 200ms in all arenas.


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            You'd be surprised at how many people connect from Asia and Oceania...

            Latency is really not all that big a problem, either, so long as it's reasonably consistent.
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              You know I looked through the location stats of twd players so I know where they're from. It's virtually nobody outside US/EU because they're all asleep when the games happen. As far as the survival of the game is concerned, those players don't exist.


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                Those of you who claim lag limits should remain the same or be even more strict, it's clear you've never moved out of your small town, middle of nowhere USA location that you grew up in, because you certainly don't understand how lag can change between locations in various parts of the world. Hell, I used to lagout when I lived in Seattle of all places. I used to have problems years ago in Chicago too, so don't even get me started on living in Turkey. I'm actually switching to their Fiber network, so MAYBE I'll be able to play this game again without lagging out at random times, but even that's iffy, since the hops between here and the shitty server in New York are really, really low quality. Hell, the hops in New York are bad by themselves. I can't even imagine what the lag is like for someone in Australia or New Zealand.

                Also, if you want to go that route, the game is virtually 90% USA because everyone logs in during USA hours, which is really late for EU and like 3 am for Asia. That alone caused a huge portion of the game's past population to quit forever. If you want to alienate everyone that's left outside of Racka's friendslist in whatever shithole area of Florida they all live in, be my guest, but that kind of attitude is what killed this game's population in the first place. There's only like 150 total semi-active to active players left in this game, so go ahead and remove another 20% of that and see how fun it will be.