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  • Pub Terr Port timer

    currently 80 seconds.
    Should be 100 or 120 seconds.

    With short timer, enemy attacker can just delay attack for 1 minute after you lay port to starve your team of Greens and then attack and you will have no portal

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    Not a fking chance. With a longer port the terr can leave the fr and port to flag at the last second to prevent the round from ever ending. See: freespirit.


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      I agree with felix on this; it severly handicaps terrs which are usually needed for base and it should be uniform across teh zone


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        bump, can we standardize this across zone again? ruins basing in pub, ty


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          It's a contentious issue. FreeSpirit regularly throws a wrench in any flag game he's in by porting onto the flag. Yet -- he still does that even with the port timer set as it is. The only key difference is that now he's not able to wait until the last second to port onto the flag.

          However, in some ways he might end up causing more problems than before, as he spends even more time greening ports in spawn, and less in FR. If you're on a team with him, chances are nobody else will terr, leaving you with a near-useless Terrier (one that is outside base as often as inside).

          Was with him for a few games recently. It was amusing for about a round, and then became very annoying. He'll run away out of FR to go green another port, leaving out of a side tunnel with his port laid on the flag, always preferring to give up the flag to the enemy rather than dying and losing his port, even if players are attaching and a defense could be made. He's extremely single-minded in placing his port on the flag, and then refreshing. Only after those two goals are completed will he function as a semi-normal terr. So requiring him to refresh his port more often just means he's outside of FR more often.

          To sum up, I haven't seen the shortened port timer affect his behavior in any significant way, and possibly it's even made him a bit worse.

          He's also only a single player. Meanwhile, many people have complained about the shortened port as lowering the quality of their experience. As a result, reverting the change seems the way to go.
          "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
          -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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            The shorter port didn't make free worse. He spends a lot more time in fr now. However, given he's really the only player abusing it, and clearly you understand how he single-handedly ruins the game for everyone, how about you just ban him from terr - then I don't care what you do with the timer. I just want games that aren't ruined by free.

            If you allow him to do it my only option is to tk him, like a ww1 commander shooting his own men who try to flee. Unfortunately then some derpy staffer who doesn't understand will give me aggro instead of dealing with free wrecking the game for everyone.

            It's seriously time to give me powers to ban people. About 5-10 bans would improve this game massively.
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              again, this whole "wrecking the game for everyone" - who are you actually speaking for?

              playing the game using a port is not illegal

              playing the game using provided settings and mechanics is not illegal

              TKing is illegal

              what's hard for you to understand?


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                piss off troll


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                  He's right, though. The way pub has been designed, there's no "correct" way to play. There are ways that are incentivized and deincentivized. But it's based around a style of gameplay that is quite rare in the world these days, in which you are free to make your own fun (within certain limitations). There are other more structured forms of gameplay offered throughout TW, of course, if you prefer it, as many do.

                  As for the timer, I'll wait for others to chime in. Would actually like to see people debate Rab if they care strongly enough about it, as he's the main proponent of the shorter timer. FeLiX_dA_kAt SpookedOne
                  "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                  -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                    Just to repeat: I don't care about the timer. I care about stopping freespirit deserting his team which always results in the game collapsing via people leaving. He may have cost us more new players than anything else imo.


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                      There's no real way to prove what effect he's had, though, and it's also not required he plays any particular way, however annoying he may be.

                      If you don't care about the timer anymore then there's no reason not to set it back, as you're the only person who seems to be advocating it being shorter, though you do so quite vocally, and it did seem worth a try.
                      "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                      -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                        Well I've played hundreds of rounds where our entire team is talking in yellow about how free is ruining it for them. So I do my usual thing of posting about it because it's so obviously an issue that players want fixed.

                        Banning free is the simplest solution. We only got into port timers because you wouldn't do it. The port timer wasn't even my idea. I'm just doing whatever I can to stop free ruining the game. Nobody else is standing up for the players.


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                          The terr capturing the the flag and then fucking off is a very similar problem to the weasels suicide capturing.

                          You've created the flagging rounds. Normal people just try to control the flag and win. But you've provided the trolls with a way of pissing everyone off. So another way of removing this trolling from pub would be to remove the flagging rounds entirely.

                          Either pub is about trying to hold the flag for x minutes or it isn't. Make your mind up.


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                            I was pretty happy at first with the shortened timer, and I must admit this was mostly due to freespirit actually spending more time in FR. He more often than not uses his port to warp onto the flag from the side tunnels instead of the roof which is a big improvement. As a terr he isn't the worst, but his gameplay is just too different from the norm. I would propose to reset the timer to the original duration and add a bit of code to the freq balancing. Specifically to allow an extra player on the team freespirit is on as well as giving all terr bonuses as if he wasnt there. Hopefully that makes him just some random fly in the game and noone would need to rely on him for basing needs.


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                              Rab you often talk about banning people or silencing people but I don't think those are solutions for this problem and when you of all people are asking for power bothers me. I play PUB a lot more than you and see the dynamic in work. I see people run to elim or other arena's and complain or simply talk about how they just don't like pub because of small things like players sitting on the wings on priv freq's and ruining games or a LT on the top that is very good and bombs the hell out of a good match and no one buy's a counter. Not a weasel coming in and trying to get the flag.

                              On a healthy pub match that just happens and the terr takes back the flag and kills the weasel. I remember the big weasel I know the small one. It doesn't matter which we use tbh. It's a super under used ship and few people use it. Let them have their fun if your ok with the LT's and Jav's sitting in the corners and top bombing the base destroying the game. They do much more harm than weasel's

                              If we are going to talk about holding the flag the timer is short enough already or should I say long enough. When a good game gets going its great in pub. We all know how to use the ships and break through if we use them. I don't know why your so out for freespirit when I see more people leave because of bombers than long rounds.