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Absent Flag Room Bot + Weird TKing Enforcement?

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  • Absent Flag Room Bot + Weird TKing Enforcement?

    One previous warning immediately before buying baseterr--and definitely nothing intentional. The bomb that got me switched killed four enemies, including a terr, and one squadmate. Most of my TKs are from shark repels or just unfortunate timing where the squadmate is not even where I'm aiming but on his or her way there. Meanwhile, TW-Bot2 literally died immediately--I don't get how that's even possible--as in I tried attaching immediately after it said it was available.

    Massokre> !BUY baseterr
    [XXXX]> oh fuck
    Massokre> !buy baseterr
    TW-Bot2> ATTACH! TW-Bot2 BASETERR stationed in FLAGROOM but I can only take 30 more hits!
    TW-PubSyst> Please wait while looking for a bot..
    TW-PubSyst> Please wait while looking for a bot..
    TW-PubSyst> TW-Bot2 has spawned, setting up its configuration..
    TW-PubSyst> [BASE] Map changing to ENORMOUS in 10 seconds.
    [YYYY]> so many tks
    TW-PubSyst> TW-Bot2 is dead. You may attach to Nikolaos (Flagroom)
    [YYYY]> so many tks
    Nikolaos> wowowo
    Nikolaos> dlolol
    YPRunks> :P
    Massokre> whats wrong with bot?
    yer mother> javs don't fire a bomb at a fresh shark
    [YYYY]> our jav tk'd me 4 times in a row
    [LOTTERY] PM !guess <#> from 1 - 100. Tickets $1,000 Jackpot $100,000 (Within 1=50%,~5=20%) -TW-PubSystem
    Team Goal! by Okinoh Reward:484
    TW-PubSyst> GOOOOOOOAAAALLL! $1,000
    TW-PubSyst> [FLAG] ROUND 1 (0-0) Freq 1 holding for 0:06, needs 1:54 more. [Time: 15:00]
    [YYYY]> stop tking me, [XXXX]
    TW-Guard0> WARNING: Team killing is not allowed in Trench Wars. If you continue to kill players on your own frequency (yellow), you may be locked from bombing ships.
    [FESTIVAL!] $$$ Nikolaos has started a Festival! 500% Round Win and Kill bonuses for 1 hour! $$$
    Reward: 200 points
    yer mother> td
    Fried Wing> yer mother
    yer mother> agreed
    TW-PubSyst> [FLAG] Freq 1 will win in 60 seconds.
    BigE> td
    MedVac> ffs
    Reward: 200 points
    TW-Guard0> NOTICE: Your ship has been automatically changed due to excessive killing of teammates.
    TW-PubSyst> [FLAG] Your team will win in 30 seconds.
    Massokre> well, apparently i got my ship changed despite taking out the threat
    TW-PubSyst> [MILESTONES] Killed 6 SHARKS while in a SPIDER ! | Spent: $47,000 [AWARD: $1,500]
    TW-PubSyst> [FLAG] Freq 1 will win in 10 seconds . . .
    [BUY] Alanon just bought a Shield for $75,000.
    TW-PubSyst> [FLAG] AMAZING!: felix_da_kat claims flag for Freq 0 with just 9 sec. left!

    And this turnover was so fucking frustrating after all this BS I just went to spec and we lost immediately thereafter. Can the automated shit, which seems clear to me was launched likely from a TK report by [YYYY] intended for [XXXX],

    Please at least have the bot look at enemy-to-squadmate bomb ratios and shark reps? Even though it happens from time to time, when in jav I seek to avoid firing at an angle where a shark rep will TK unless that bomb will take out a whole lot of people.

    And wtf with the baseterr bot?

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    Bottom line Massokre is Teamkilling in Trenchwars is illegal. That doesnt mean "if its a good kill its ok to TK". Teamkilling is illegal whether excessive or intentional.

    The Guardbot was brought in because staff cant be online 24/7 and guys would take advantage of knowing that and tk stupidly and or on purpose.

    The reason your tk count might go up fast is if you tk'd the same person multiple times in a short period of time it compounds and goes up very quickly. But your count degenerates and goes back down on its own as you play and dont TK. Thus, 1 random or a few random TK's is not going to shiplock you. But a bunch close together will definitely get you shiplocked. At which point staff has to decide if they are on the circumstances and look at how often and how fast you have been TK'ing.

    Its not a perfect system by any means as theres only so much a bot can do, but its a far better system then not having it in place and guys being able to just tk to their hearts delight and ruin games like crazy.

    Im sure this answer doesnt appease you but you asked why the system did it im just explaining so now you know... .if you tk same person a bunch of times quick.. either change ship or make sure you stop tking for a bit and let your counter cool down.

    As for the baseterr...not sure would have been better if i could have seen it. In future something really helps the dev team is if something goes wrong or funky... do this:
    [BUG REPORT] Find a bug? PM :RoboHelp:!report <explanation> to report the issue. Rewards offered! -TWDev

    or even :robohelp:!comment <info>

    These commands send info of an issue directly to the area that our Dev team or upper staff need to see it in order to try to address issues.

    Cheers and thanks for passing along the info and concerns. It helps get things addressed when theres issues.
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      That one person would not likely have been killed by my bomb if they weren't already low on E and otherwise about to die from enemy fire.

      The only way to beat a school of sharks from taking a flag is to get them to rep early and often--which if you're inside base you're going to need bombs or mines, and then sharks don't avoid laying mines that are going to wreak havoc on their team, while I'm typically trying to precision place my bombs so that they'll be repped but in a way people can actually avoid being TKed by them, or hit the wall via the left of the enemy so that the squadmate on the right side of him doesn't take too much damage.

      Why weren't the goddamn sharks shiplocked when they were responsible for the majority of TKs taking place in the first place? There's no way in hell I was TKing others at the rate I was getting TKed by repped friendly shark mines. Nobody has complained to me about TKing them in the past month (okay maybe once this past month but not yesterday). I literally dive on my own bombs when a shark reps them and there's a chance of TK because for some reason that absorbs the damage from affecting other players.

      Also, on the other side of the coin regarding the bot, sounds like someone can intentionally shiplock you by diving into your bombs.


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        It seems pretty outright clear to me that you all intend on ignoring shark TKs. And I can find another game.


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          Sharks do receive TK points, but the amount is disproportionately low. I've raised it slightly.

          The system overall is a bit flawed, and moved from a reporting system to one that enforces penalties somewhat recently, not without problems.

          I think the biggest flaw may be how it handles repeat TKs. You earn ordinary TK points, plus a penalty for TKing the same person twice in a row. After that, if you TK them at any point, you again earn repeat TK points (and again, on top of normal TK points).

          So, I've reduced the number of points for repeat TKs somewhat.

          The other change which may disrupt the system somewhat (will have to see how it plays) is reducing TK points for non-TK kills made. This was requested before in another thread. In addition to the normal cooldown timer which reduces your TK points over time, normal kills will reduce your TK points. Killing support ships (Terr, Shark) will reduce them a bit more. It's not going to be substantial, but it will help take into account a player's good faith effort to contribute to the team.

          Finally, I've reduced the threshold values for various automated bot actions slightly to account for the reduced overall point values we'll be seeing. Staff should monitor to see if players are gaming the system in some way to be able to TK freely.

          This'll definitely require tweaking but it may be a step in the right direction.
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            That sounds like a lot of improvement. Another thing that could potentially help (though definitely not in the heat of the moment unless you can blanket !np someone), I can't !np all TKs on an individual level even though I was just TKed where it was clearly me being boneheaded with steering.


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              Yeah I'd prefer to forgive by default too. When someone tks me maliciously I use ::report. The problem is that notifies staff, but staff are absent so this escalation doesn't work. Could it instead add x (e.g. 5) tks to the automated count?


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                We'd talked about a way to auto-forgive/not tax TKs in general, yeah. It's been added as a ticket. But pretty much all of the dev team's pretty busy IRL at present.

                !report does actually escalate a person's TK points a fair bit. I'll change the string PM'd when you report someone to make that more explicit.
                "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment