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Important TWL/TWD notice - Must Read!

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  • Important TWL/TWD notice - Must Read!

    We recently moved/upgraded our server software for the TWD/TWL sites, and unfortunately the password database isn't compatible with this new software. You won't be able to log into the TWD/TWL/TrenchWars sites until you change your password.

    Create a new password. To do this, follow these directions:

    1. Go to ?go twd

    2. Private Message (PM) TWDBot with !signup newpasswordhere. As an example, it should look like this - :TWDBot:!signup abcd1234

    2b. Your password must be at LEAST 5 characters long and contain at least 1 digit (0-9) or the bot will not accept it.

    Pretty easy. Keep in mind that we have had some people trying to bruteforce captains passwords on the TWD site. It's suggested to make a password that is at least 7 characters long, and contains at least 1-2 digits. Using those guidelines, your password will be a LOT harder for anyone to guess or bruteforce.
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    I'm still logged in fine on TWL, haven't touched shit.
    5: Da1andonly> !ban epinephrine
    5: RoboHelp> Are you nuts? You can't ban a staff member!
    5: Da1andonly> =((
    5: Epinephrine> !ban da1andonly
    5: RoboHelp> Staffer "da1andonly" has been banned for abuse.
    5: Epinephrine> oh shit


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      My hero.
      megaman89> tsunami taught me that 1 shouldnt have used it
      L K> taught u what?
      megaman89> how to suck

      9:WiL> im gonna with my league \o/
      9:Graner <ZH>> you mean win?
      9:WiL> being on plade i forgot how to spell it


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        i did !signup password and got this:

        TWDBot> Specify a password using !signup password. blah blah..
        :TWDBot: I just fucking did asshole.


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          Originally posted by Rab
          i did !signup password and got this:

          TWDBot> Specify a password using !signup password. blah blah..
          Did you read the 'blah blah' part? It should say 'The password must contain a number and needs to be at least 5 characters long'.


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              hmm i used a password with 4 characters and it worked fine.
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