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Zone77 Most Dangerous Game (Cash Event)

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  • Zone77 Most Dangerous Game (Cash Event)

    MDG [ Feb 21, 2012 ]

    This weekend we will be having two very interesting events. The first regular weekend event will be Starcon. A variety of events, mainly Queens and Zombies, will be hosted there. On Sunday, for the cash event, THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME will be hosted in Zone77 (a clone of Zone66).

    Saturday, Feb 25th: ?go STARCON @ 5:00pm (EST)
    Sunday, Feb 26th: ?go ZONE77 @ 5:00pm (EST)

    In regards to the cash event, it will start immediately after the last TWL games have finished. The event that will take place in Zone77 will be the 'Most Dangerous Game' which is a time based game. You get time added if you get kills, and time taken away for dying. Once you run out of time you are spectated. The person with the most time, or the person with the most time at the end of game wins the $25. We have decided to allow teams of max 5 players, and for you to be any ship of your choosing. Only one person can win the money, not the whole team. The last team standing's player with the most time will win the money. I repeat you can be any ship you like, and have a team of 5 players, but after the arena is locked there is NO CHANGING.

    We have decided to start everyone off with 360 seconds, or 6 minutes. You will get 15 seconds added for every kill, and 8 seconds subtracted for every death. Hopefully with a good amount of people this will give everyone a nice chunk of playing time. With that in mind, this might be one of the more lengthier events, so get ready.
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