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  • Attack League 2013 Preview

    Hi guys! As the title suggests, we (the Event Coordination Team) are going to be running another Attack Tourney in the coming months, following TWL. We don't have all the details hashed out yet, and we are open to some (constructive) feedback about this.

    Here's what we have so far:
    • We're looking at about 4-6 teams of 15-20 each, which is still changeable depending on the number of signups
    • Games will be played at a maximum of 12 per team, and a minimum of 8
    • There will be an "Free Agent Ticket" system, allowing caps to recruit random people on game day if need be
    • There will be a season, then a tourney, in a TWL like fashion
    • Games will be played on Thursdays - Sundays for however long necessary, which again depends on signups

    Again, these rules are still bendable. If there's something you'd like to see changed, please contact KATC, Under <ER>, Left_Eye, or myself, or just post here.

    Head Attack Coordinator: KATC
    Assistant Head: Under <ER>
    ECT Head: Left_Eye
    That's all for now! I'll get back with more updates when we have more of an idea about all the different aspects of this! Thanks for reading!
    -TW ECTeam

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    Prizes for the winning team have also been discussed.

    Stay tuned for more details!

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      Originally posted by Krazie_Killer View Post
      Hint: It's something Pubbux cannot buy!
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