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  • QuantumSpace - Continuum replacement project

    Greetings Trench Wars,

    I would like to announce a special project that POiD has been working on behind the scenes as a potential replacement for Continuum. While still in a pre-alpha stage, considerable development has already gone into this client, currently named QuantumSpace. At the bottom of this post I've linked to a ~6 minute YouTube video of some initial gameplay and functionality, so please see POiD's progress for yourself.

    The goal of this project is to be able to initially emulate Continuum, then move on to improving the game's graphics (including 3d ships), with an eventual goal of porting the game to iOS and Android so it can be played on mobile devices in addition to on the computer. This would give an improved chance at attracting a younger generation that has become increasingly involved in mobile gaming.

    To increase the pace of development, POiD could use the help of any players willing to donate their time and efforts towards the development of the project. Right now he could use help with 3d modeling, specifically of the ships. If you're interested, please contact POiD or myself.

    Once POiD feels QuantumSpace has gotten to an alpha stage, he will begin soliciting players and staff to help him do testing, but that is still probably a few months away.

    This is a very exciting project which could hopefully help breathe some new life into this now 17+ year old game we enjoy so much. Well done, POiD!

    Without further adieu, here is the first video for QuantumSpace:

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    Does this help with lag at all, or is that still an issue as it (looks like it) uses the same server?


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      good steps in the right direction if u ask me
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        Good work Poider!!!!
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          looking great so far!
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            POiD, want to have sex? I see a future in you.
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              a new contender has appeared


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                the guy says he made it as he misses playing subspace....should someone tell him it's still alive? (just).

                His looks ok but seems a bit childish/simplified and like an arcade game, some aspects of his graphics upgrades are decent though. I wouldn't want a subspace replacement but a subspace upgrade.
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                  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


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                    Snrrrb has already worked on a HTML5 subspace game called dotproduct -

                    Login to play and test it out its TW settings.
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                        Originally posted by 2pac View Post
                        Snrrrb has already worked on a HTML5 subspace game called dotproduct -

                        Login to play and test it out its TW settings.
                        yo so like in the past 24hrs ive now seen 3 different attempts at an ss replacement announced

                        looks like we got at least a 3-man dev team here
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                          nice trippy backgrounds brah


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                            2pac, I just tested dotproduct. Some quick suggestions and things I noticed are.. That it doesn't use default subspace keys, (you have to trial and error to find them, A being shift, space being fire, v being mine and F being bomb. etc. So in the future I think it'd be better to set the defaults to be identical to that of subspace. Also, most people probably wouldn't notice it but I feel a bunch of the warbirds would. When you're hold both up and down at the same time in it, The up arrow takes preference, this is the opposite of subspace, in subspace the down arrow takes preference. That should be changed. Also I know it's just an alpha or whatever, but the shift isn't strong enough, it doesn't have a high enough top speed. Other then that it looks pretty similar to subspace. Good job.


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                              Snrrrub's HTML5 client would be amazing to use, as it's versatile and obviously cross device playable.
                              Only problems currently are I'm not sure he's done any updates in a while due to his RL situation and it doesn't connect to existing servers. From design I believe it needs it's own completely new servers and not just something to act as a medium to connect to existing zones.

                              The 'new game' may have been inspired by someone that liked subspace, but it isn't subspace and from the looks of it uses a different server than ones we currently have.
                              This would be the same for at least 2 other projects going on right now. Both are similar style playing games, but neither connect to existing servers as they require their own, customized, servers to handle their game play.

                              There have been a number of different actual ss clients over the years that have all gotten to various levels of completion. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get this one done thanks to those other efforts helping to figure things out. That and we're definitely at a stage in this game that without something new / updated, we won't really get new players to play. So there's added pressure to spend the time and finish!