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I'm back, at least for a while

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    Great news, congrats Eph!
    Peyton Manning

    Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
    all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
    JAMAL> didn't think there was a worse shark than midoent but the_paul takes it


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      awesome. so glad things worked out eph. congrats!


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        Amazing news, very happy to hear it Eph. Congratulations to you and your family!!!
        4:Best> pressure was a terr for halloween 4:Best> guy had 4 dudes on him attached

        4:Siaxis> what time is it in zimbobwe para?

        4:Children> every morning i wake up, look in the mirror and thank god i'm not paradise

        4:Best> Mighty's forehead has wifi

        4:Mighty> u guys ever eat a ketchup sandwich?

        4:sphinx> mighty fought a raccoon in an alley for some bbq chips

        4:RaCka> so what if paradise is dressing up as a slim jim for halloween?


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          Originally posted by Ephemeral View Post
          Update, had my 90 day CT scan this week and got the results...oncologist said "NDF" (No Disease Found).

          NICE! Glad to hear it
          -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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            Happy for you Eph.
            "Action is the real measure of intelligence. "
            Napoleon Hill

            wiibimbo>I'm gonna take u out next week for a beer and pizza at Leonardo' homo tho! I prefer big boobs
            Dral>I can get implants


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              Haven't been on forums in years, and started reading this thread with a sad face. Glad to hear the most recent news, Eph!
              Golden Sun> gg
              Whimp> gg dwopple
              scoop> gg
              Spikey> dwopple'd
              wheen> gg dwopple
              Spikey> gg dwop
              wheen> rematch without dwopple?

              1:Chief Utsav> LOL
              1:Rule> we dont do that here.

              cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass