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  • Santa messages - post here

    Letters to Santa now being accepted for the upcoming Christmas/holiday map.

    Points to consider:
    • What do you hope to get this Chrimbus?
    • How do you plan to show your Kwanza spirit?
    • Which spelling of Hanukkah will you use this year?

    As with last year, both staff and players are welcomed and encouraged to contribute messages. The sooner you submit, the better the chance of it making it in.

    You can post your message here, or if you'd prefer it to remain a surprise until it's up, write it in a pastebin, hastebin, zerobin, etc., and send me a ?message in game or on forums.

    As usual, nothing racist, prejudiced, or excessively hostile. Light jabs at your friends and others are fine as usual.

    Let's make this the bestest Christmas EVER.
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    "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
    -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment

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    "i sware she sayed she was 13 gwamma"

    - Cres
    1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

    1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

    Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

    Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

    Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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      I wish that someone takes Jerome's something and shares it with poor people who are too lazy to work, and that Jessup finds out what sex he is.

      - Kthx
      Rabble Rabble Rabble



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        Dear santa, this year, please send clothes for all those poor ladies in daddy's computer. xoxox Jess
        TSLD CHAMPION 2018
        TSLB CHAMPION 2018


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          Hurrit pois suomesta
          Originally posted by jerome
          can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???


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            "I'd like to wish all of Trench Wars and Subspace Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Also, RIP Fakiiri "

            Edit: I just recently found out that fellow ss player Fakiiri died this year.
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              Dear Santa, for 2018, please have wicket666 express his love for guns by hosting ?go snipe daily


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                Dear Santa... You're not real, but there's one person who is... Her name was Jill Shortmilk. She doesn't celebrate Christmas at this time of year doing all the lovely things everyone else does. She won't read this; we haven't heard from her in a long time even though she has many friends in this game who miss her. I hope she is safe this Christmas despite danger being in the job description in her line of work. I also hope she has a wonderful time as this year draws to a close. She was always a wonderful person with such an amazing personality and very friendly to everyone who spoke with her. There's nobody else like her. I guess the best Christmas present for me would be to have her back in my life but I do not wish to be selfish. I want her to be happy and hope she gets to do all the things she wants to do that she hasn't done yet. Don't worry about me, Santa, I'm doing fine, just look after Jill for me although she probably won't need it (she's usually the one that can handle a lot and takes care of others). Jill if you get the chance to see this, I feel I do not have anything else to say but simply: Best Wishes for the new year! And thank you.
                - Some guy in a space ship
                3:kyler> who r u btw i keep wanting to ask people "who is 45th pres" but someone gonna say "trump"
                3:45th President> do it
                kyler> who is 45th President
                nah> donald j trump

                Downfall> Shoutout to forwards for randomly giving gunsmith results that made no sense and just made things harder

                Jacklyn> holster is the thing that holds/carry the gun


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                  the more you dingledoink

                  -dumptruck johnson

                  1996 Minnesota State Pooping Champion


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                    Dear Santa, I'd like a case of any mid-grade vodka, a carton of eagle 20's and a box of shortbread cookies (preferably in a tin so I reuse it).
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                      Dear Santa, I wish for another year of TrenchWars, filled with just as much respect for people of all races, religions, beliefs, capabilities, ages, and socioeconomic status as the last. It was truly an inspiring and progressive year.


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                        dear sanna, wear u binned bud? lyle said he sawed you out back before thanksgivin. i been a good boy this year. i dont sniff gloo no more. if i get another lamp of cole in my stockin this year im gonna blo up pub 0. anyways, i miss ya bud. billee misses u too..warever he is. i didnt toad you?? he raned away bud. i called um a ball headed peach pit junkie and he raned away. i can only blamed myself. pls bring him back. the vents arent the same without um. and one last thing, water u FUKIN warin u pink fatas elle a fant fuker

                        - paradise
                        big sean> L!O!L!
                        Cres> ?
                        Cres> its mine now.
                        destruct <> WATER U DEWIN
                        paradise> Dewin? Ill take that. using that now
                        destruct <> u welcum
                        thix> Lol this shit is ban hannah's.
                        cripple> ?
                        paradise> ?
                        Cres> You can keep that one.


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                          hey santa how was your weekend


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                            Dear Santa,

                            Get Ixador his booze and cancer rolls.
                            Gift poopjet 0.1 rpd.
                            Let Spezza <TW>'s hockey team win for once.
                            Allow Turban to overcome his terrible anime addiction.
                            Grant nokkonen relief from back pain.
                            Let World actually steal someone's girl for a day.
                            Give Cres a sense of humor.
                            Do the same for Jones if you have the time.
                            Violence> lag cheating niggir
                            JAMAL> laggy no skill nebwie
                            JuanJuan> you a fucking lagass cheater
                            mAZe Of tOrM> try more faggot
                            mAZe Of tOrM> u suck dick
                            Shadowmere> Nice lag you fagf


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                              Dear santa,

                              Hope my cheating lesbian wife gets fk all for Christmas. On a lighter note, merry Christmas and happy new year 😂
                              1:Hece> iv done good A (amphetamine) many times and ppl say u cant get your dick up on dick works on every chemical i have tried so far