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    Show your best quotes/logs (as long as they're not too long)

    pee pee so> i started havin a fire then started rainin so i came in and started playin this shit game
    Lrim> pyromaniacs
    Wirah> pps burning evidence
    pee pee so> lol
    pee pee so> burning mono's sex emails
    MoNo.> how the fk you burn emails
    MoNo.> explain
    Wirah> LOL
    pee pee so> burn the hole computer
    use [QUOTE] tags.
    -Wirah (Method/Mefod)

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    pee pee so> im a transgender was born a girl
    AngelGirl> :o poor pps
    Wirah> what are u now
    pee pee so> i dont no what transgender means was just tryin to fit in here sry
    pee pee so> i turned a fan on high pointed it at my hany capped sister and peed fukin funny shit man sprayed er good
    -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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      i.d.> ease has one of those wallets that unfolds like a million pictures of racka.
      RaCka> i.d. got sent a purse from fireballz
      RaCka> and a ring
      delectable> ROFL
      delectable> ROFL
      delectable> ROFL
      delectable> ROFL
      delectable> ROFL
      delectable> ROFL
      delectable> ROFL
      delectable> ROFL
      -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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        Steadman> jb your kid is fat as hell you should name him Plumpleton III
        -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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          Rab> While yes, it is true that the Jewish People have been at the scene of every great betrayal in history, this is because the Jews are a great people worthy of great situations. In all cases we are not betrayers, we are the betrayed!
          Rab> The Jewish struggle has been a struggle with the very essence of human existence: how, exactly, can I control you if God gave you free will? This is the struggle we Jews face.
          Rab> Yet free will is but a gold bar, melted and reformed into the shape that you desire if you have the resources.

          Rab> There is no global Zionist conspiracy.
          Dierienow> LMFAOOOOO
          Rab> No I'm serious

          Rab> I had to buy a new $1000 mattress.
          Dierienow> That's pretty expensive.
          Rab> Yep the frame is made with Palestinian children's crushed knuckle bones.
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            vt> emotions running so high my continuum crashed
            I got more when I get home.
            TWDTJ & TWDTB FINALIST 2019


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              There might be a plan compile these for posterity and be able to flip through them randomly later ... post em up!
              "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
              -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                Delete dierienows post, he just made those quotes up.


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                  Yesterday Tower said that the extract from fly larvae cures both cancer and heart disease.


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                    Jessup> wish u lived close like jb .. i'd meet u too and solve this issue
                    Jessup> i pmed u perhaps 3 times in my life
                    Jessup> i never lied about anything
                    Jessup> i don't pm devilgirl or angelgirl
                    Obviously more to follow

                    Dezmond> Your prob just some angry whore 24/7 that when your depressed you need to insult and troll people cause your an angry school girl
                    Dezmond> Angel, I'm going to get a fukin knife and stab your small boob, fukin slut
                    Izor> euros have hot accents but you still talk funny :P
                    Izor> and youre a stupid nebwie
                    AngelGirl> I know <3
                    AngelGirl> but you still <3 me
                    Izor> ROFL

                    pee pee so> ur name make no cents kid, pick a knew one wow ur stoopid
                    pee pee socK> im top 10 wb in tw

                    (paradise)>hey deluge said he wants to have kids with u


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                      Jessup> look at ur pussy ass self crying
                      Jessup> u talk the talk.. so lets fight irl
                      Jessup> u live close enuff lets go
                      tucker> idk if id do that jessup, that man lasso'd the biggest stallion trench wars has ever seen
                      tucker> goddess
                      Jessup> meet me at 7/11 on king street 7 pm the one by wendys and taco bell


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                        ROFL tucker
                        TWDTJ & TWDTB FINALIST 2019


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                          AlphaWing> all women lie
                          AngelGirl> Alpha still upset
                          AngelGirl> it's adorable
                          AlphaWing> they esp lie about their looks
                          AlphaWing> right angel?
                          AngelGirl> it's true I do lie
                          AngelGirl> I agree Deft, right and wrong, true or false are all really subjective.
                          TWDT-J CHAMPION POWER 2018
                          TWDT-B CHAMPION POWER 2018
                          TWDT TRIPLE CROWN MEMBER POWER 2018
                          TSL TRIPLE CROWN FINALIST 2018
                          TSLD CHAMPION 2018
                          TSLB CHAMPION 2018


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                            Ogron> im better than everyone except cape and mikkiz, ur trash

                            Steadman> btw if u dont play me i'll prob commit suicide


                            There's a few which I thought were fun at least at certain point.
                            Season 12 champion TWLD / TWLJ
                            Season 18 champion TWLJ / TWLB
                            Season 19 champion TWLB (C)

                            Season 6 champion TWDT-J TWDT-B (C)
                            Season 10 champion TWDT-J (C)
                            Season 11 champion TWDT-B (C)
                            Season 13 champion TWDT-B (C)
                            Season 17 TRIPLE CROWN TWDT (C)

                            The winningest TWDT captain of all time


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                              Duel Pasta> great
                              Duel Pasta> I spilled juice on my face

                              Tower> NATIONAL WEED YOUR GARDEN DAY
                              courtesy of my sig

                              i know what you're all thinking though - national weed your garden day is actually a thing

                              got more somewhere, need to find
                              Duel Pasta> great
                              Duel Pasta> I spilled juice on my face

                              Tower> NATIONAL WEED YOUR GARDEN DAY

                              TWLB Champion Season 12
                              TWLJ Champion Season 11
                              TWLB All-Star Season 10
                              Best undeserved TWL title winner in Trench Wars history