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    Hi everyone,

    For the past month I’ve been working on something new:


    Trench Wars, and all other zones in fact, have always faced a problem when it comes to distributing information. With the population as it stands one of the most important things we can do is answer these two questions very clearly:

    1) What is happening in the zone right now? What can I get involved in this weekend, as player or spectator?..
    2) What is happening in the coming months? What leagues are coming soon? What does the summer roadmap look like?..

    This game is unique in the sense that it’s probably one of the only games to exist that has no way of storing or accessing the player’s registration information (without direct billing access).

    Anyone who runs any kind of company/project/game/anything would tell you It’s VERY important to be able to contact your own users, and it’s something that we try to do in various ways, but this was never functionality that was offered out-of-the-box to zone owners/sysops.

    Today we have the following channels of communication:

    Facebook page - Updated twice a week.
    Twitter profile - Updated twice a week.
    Newsletter - Sent twice a week.
    news.txt - Rarely updated, only with major changes,
    Discord - Generally inactive.

    This is ok. Subscribing to the newsletter you’ll generally get an email on Thurs/Fri telling you what the weekend holds, and an email on Monday with the results of various league matches. I hope you’re subscribed if you’re interested in all the latest info.

    What we don’t have is a site that offers a broad view of the entire summer, which leagues are running, what time do things start? WTF is 4PM EST in MY timezone?

    SUBSPACE-EVENTS.COM will be an events calendar that lets you see what’s going on at a glance.

    You can toggle on/off various leagues in the sidebar. It was also built to handle multiple zones from day one so we can expect Chaos Pro League’s next season to be listed too - once I speak to them.

    My favorite feature is something so simple but has never been implemented. Timezone support. By default all events are shown in YOUR local timezone and it’s displayed very clearly that “this event starts in 4 hours 35 mins”. Exactly what we need.

    The site doesn’t really translate to mobile very well, a giant events grid with horizontal scrolling. Right now it’s optimized for desktop. If people like it and find it useful I can think about a mobile version, or native apps - could be a fun side project.

    The site is not directly related to Trench Wars, as I said all zones that have scheduled events are welcome to get in contact and list their leagues.

    I’m looking for feedback, so let me know what you like.

    For any curious technical folks, it’s a React webapp using Redux for state management, Moment for dates/times, Bulma as the CSS foundation (although I didn't really use much of it, just the buttons and modals) and it's deployed to Firebase for hosting (Spark pay-as-you-go plan, essentially free for a project of this scale).

    Right now I have to add events myself but I'll think about how best to open it up in the future. I'll be actively updating the calendar with all the latest seasons, events etc.

    If feedback is good I will link this in the headers of our various subsites (, gallery, twd, ssbe, forums etc) to gain visibility. Thanks for any feedback you have and let's hope it serves as a helpful resource for existing players.
    It drives me mad when I see people ?go BasingCup and say "what is this??". I post it everywhere HOW ARE YOU NOT AWARE???
    I want everyone to be aware of what is going on in the zone so a site like this should hopefully help.
    -Wirah (Method/Mefod)

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    First off, this is bloody epic, much needed feature, well done, and thank you.

    This is a good candidate for replacing the Flash box at the top of

    There's something up with the scrolling in Firefox. Sometimes the events move smoothly as you scroll, but mostly they don't move at all until you stop scrolling then they snap into place. Works fine in Chrome and Edge. Screenshot taken while scrolling:

    I still think it needs a little (i) in the corner to indicate there's more info there if you click.

    Also, there's a slightly better favicon at, steal that.
    <link rel="icon" href="/twimages/vcSj2.png" type="image/png" />
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      Looks sleek and very useful! TYVM


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        Originally posted by Rab View Post
        There's something up with the scrolling in Firefox. Sometimes the events move smoothly as you scroll, but mostly they don't move at all until you stop scrolling then they snap into place. Works fine in Chrome and Edge. Screenshot taken while scrolling:
        I'm using position:sticky to fix the header to the top but after testing in a few browsers it doesn't really feel stable enough. I think I'll refactor this to use position:fixed and make <body> the only scrollable content, rather than some div with overflow:scroll.

        Originally posted by Rab View Post
        I still think it needs a little (i) in the corner to indicate there's more info there if you click.
        Will add that tomorrow

        Thanks for the feedback so far!
        -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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            Been waiting for this moment a long time, watching development. Great work, love it!
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              Looks good - glad there is no tab for TSL!
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                  Good job Wirah! Keep up the good work, bro!
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                    Well done. Hopefully it does what you're hoping.


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                      Method is a true Veteran legend and we do not deserve him.
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                        I'll be posting updates in here as I make them.

                        v1.1 - Info boxes

                        As well as Events we now have Info elements. This gives the site a whole new use case. Not only can you see the upcoming events but you can use it to see the Standings, Results too.

                        • Support InfoGroups so we can show multiple Standings tables if needed (for example, Elim needs to show Top Warbirds and Top Javelins).
                        • Post Elim and TWD Standings every Monday.
                        • Fix scrolling on Firefox. Turns out this wasn't a position: sticky problem at all. It looks like a rendering issue when using display: flex and LOTS of child elements. I will experiment using actual <table> <th> <td> elements, which should be fine.
                        -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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                          Good work, wirah!
                          Originally posted by jerome
                          can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???


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                            v1.2 - InfoGroups

                            Info details now supports multiple groups. Good for things like this:

                            You can now see the weekly TWD and Elim Standings (posted every Monday)

                            -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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                              Nice idea but why not just use a shared Google Calendar for example? Or at least a possibility to sync this to any calendar of choice. Don't really see myself going to that page again but if it was just in my regular calendar I would definitely pay more attention to it

                              edit: I can also help doing this!
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