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    Our public arena has never been a great experience for any player and it is mostly because we allow several extremely disruptive players to run rampant without any severe consequences--a short period of silence or formal warning simply is not enough for these people to learn. It would be better for the game to permanently get rid of these players, as unjust as it may seem for some of you, to improve the overall experience of every other player who are simply trying to enjoy an old spaceship shooter game.

    I do not want to log into the game and immediately see random arguments about religion, politics, or any other miscellaneous topic that turns usually into a heated debate, or watch immature adults trying their hardest to be racist as inconspicuously as possible.


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      so it sounds like turban is saying he wants a similar policy to what rab is pushing for..
      "TW and EG staff are both insanely lenient on hate speech, to the point that they're jeopardizing the game's survival" -SpaceHiker


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        any staff that is not willing to start cleaning things up needs to go immediately. we have veteran players 15+ years that are starting to quit. we need to act fast please. see ephemerals thread under the SSCU Trenchwars discussion area.. if it takes ending all discussion of this sort as of tomorrow, then just do it. we can work from there but perhaps a clean slate will help for right now... im glad to hop back on as a moderator if needed. if not, thats fine as well. i will be fine with only enforcing the type of crap ephemeral is pointing out, or rab, or turban..etc...every that actually cares about the game is apparently seeing it.
        "TW and EG staff are both insanely lenient on hate speech, to the point that they're jeopardizing the game's survival" -SpaceHiker


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          Please see this example...I literally saw this within 30 seconds of maximizing my chat window after leaving the forums. Please, staff and players, look at these suggestions for real chat taking place...

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          "TW and EG staff are both insanely lenient on hate speech, to the point that they're jeopardizing the game's survival" -SpaceHiker


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   please see this too for more examples on what we need to stop
            "TW and EG staff are both insanely lenient on hate speech, to the point that they're jeopardizing the game's survival" -SpaceHiker


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              Thanks for continued input, guys. Just letting you know, monitoring the thread.

              Trying out a STFU Weekend Flavor (!buy STFU always enabled) ... have to see what that ends up doing. People may end up going in-game to get around it (but can be continually AFK-checked). A lot of the people are just drunkards looking to ramble, and won't even notice nobody's responding, or bother to try leaving spec. And about 90% of the problem is the spec freq, not anyone actually trying to play the game.

              Beyond that, trying to figure out ways to moderate without resorting to moral standards about what is or isn't allowed to be said. One of the bigger problems seems to be ruthless insults when two people are arguing or have a long-standing feud. Could ask that it be taken private (where only 1 person would see it, and can be easily ?ignored), or if they insist on being the SS equivalent of two people shouting at one another in the middle of a crowded parking lot, it doesn't seem to be interfering with their right to free speech too much to arrest them for disturbing the peace.

              Those sorts of solutions, which sidestep moderating specific content, are the kind that are easiest to enforce. If you say certain things can not be said, suddenly moderation becomes extremely difficult and you get into all sorts of gray areas, which is a debate currently happening across all social media.
              "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
              -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                OK, I'll turn off my ignore list and see what that experience is like.


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                  spec chat is still working for me...i saw vermillion flame and Lrim both responded to me when i asked if anyone can see my does this stfu weekend thing work?
                  "TW and EG staff are both insanely lenient on hate speech, to the point that they're jeopardizing the game's survival" -SpaceHiker


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                    How it works: People in spec can talk in yellow but not in blue.


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                      Originally posted by trancE tunes View Post
                      did you know some of these rednecks called my house after finding my ip address/home address/phone number and it was 4am? oh, and even better, my mom who had cancer answered the phone so they decided to start yelling at her and calling her a bitch.

                      people i think were involved: centurion, the_paul, oderus, kitty, vulcs or whatever her name is the one sucking kthx, lf, ph's dick, torturingnewbs, pagan chainsaw... they could be part of it too or be the same people etc but i remember my mom saying it was a girls voice..but i know for sure that LF centurion and ph would say my address in pub and when i tried to do anything about it no one cared. they called my house and gave my dying mom a hard time at 4am. thats are the type of people they are.
                      i wasn't directly involved but i do think it was damn hilarious and fitting that such a dark cloud followed you around after you decided to gather two more lowlifes and assault and rob a guy on christmas day just because you got shorted on weed

                      i thought maybe you would have grown at least one iota as a person in the ten years since

                      lol @ my naivete, you're still the same sewer rat who was so scared of a pot dealer that he brought two goons as backup

                      ps this new forum sucks
                      Originally posted by Tone
                      It is now time for the energy shift of the 7th root race to manifest on the 3D physical plane and uplift us back to 5D.
                      Originally posted by the_paul
                      Gargle battery acid fuckface
                      Originally posted by Material Girl
                      I tried downloading a soundcard


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                        Here's the fuckin facts, moron:

                        10 years ago On Christmas eve 2008 a heroin addict robbed me. He asked me for bud and I said ok it's 50 bucks. . He gave me 25 and drove off... I went with 2 friends to his apt and knocked on the door... My friend pushed me inside and forced himself inside as well. He then punched the addict and said don't fuck with him again...he then took his wallet which was on the kitchen table and allegedly removed money from it.

                        1) The "victim" died of heroin a couple years later
                        2) He didn't celebrate Xmas so that's completely irrelevant .. His family is Muslim..
                        3) I as a 21 year old stuck up for myself along with 2 others and took revenge outside of the law abiding way, sure..

                        Let's get one thing straight you now idiot--I stood up for myself with 2 friends to a heroin addicted scumbag that decided to rob me. He got his ass kicked and that's it. He thought he needed a stitch on his lip from the punch he took and it the BECAME THE STATE OF NJ vs me (he himself never actually filed any charges against me etc--the hospital is forced to ask what happened and they filed the report).

                        If you ask me that is FUCKIN NOTHING compared to luring an underage girl to drink, behave sexually, and then blackmail her with the evidence. So what do you have to say about LF? How is that anywhere near as bad as being a legit pedophile like LF? You go out of your way to comment on a fight between two 21 year olds (that has nothing to do with ss) but not say shit about the pedophile you associated with every day on this game?
                        I really want to see you justify caring about a fight I got involved in 12 years ago at 21 years old vs LF luring a girl on the very game we all played (which this forum is about) and then blackmailing her with the evidence.. This is a player you communicated with any time you both were online... You were both certainly friends on continuum... To me that's saying a lot more about YOUR character.

                        Sorry I'm being so redundant but looks like you're just trying to make me look bad over a stupid fight completely unrelated to this game or any players while I'm just stating real shit about what has happened within this community.
                        Again, you and all the others participated in calling my house at 4am and cursed and yelled at my dying mom when she answered the phone. YOU, PH, WERE WITHOUT A DOUBT ONE OF THEM "directly involved." whatever that means...

                        AGAIN, seriously, who the fk tries to defend yelling and cursing at a 60 year old woman dying of cancer? People like you are the reason this game died. LF literally jeopardized our servers with his pedo bullshit and i wouldnt be surprised if you were involved in that too..
                        Last edited by trancE tunes; 10-13-2018, 11:22 PM.
                        "TW and EG staff are both insanely lenient on hate speech, to the point that they're jeopardizing the game's survival" -SpaceHiker


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                          I am begining to believe im the only one who doesnt smoke weed on this game, no wonder I cant understand 90% of what people say.
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                            Having STFU permanently enabled is better than not having it. So it should be a permanent feature.

                            Spectators talking politics, race, gender, sexuality, religion in yellow remains a problem which needs further action.


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                              You can't tell someone to use ignore.txt unless you're willing to help them if players on ignore.txt create new aliases.

                              As a player I can't know if an alias is someone on their ignore.txt and so I could spend my entire time playing maintaining an ignore.txt list.

                              Staff you need to get control of this situation.


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                                ?buy STFU is not currently permanently enabled. When will this be done?