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A TW HZ TEAM!!! yeah baby

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  • A TW HZ TEAM!!! yeah baby

    hey guys its Violence. i have decided to start up a tw hz team. tw has alot of talent out their. i think it would be really interesting to see how we do. I still need to talk to crome if he wants to help me out. If u r interested:

    Email me at:
    icq me at: 102387368
    msn me at:
    aim me at:tdotpimp

    In order to join u must have a good attitude and be active. if i see people that rnt that good that r willing to learn u may still get a chance to join. Im not sure about a team name yet, me and Erad r still disgusing it.

    if u intend to join leave your email here. u can find me on ss on the name miniron.

    If you r interested in helping me lead and u r one of the following people:


    please contact me. So anyone who wants to join post here with ur ss name and ur email

    plz do not spam this thread i wish only the people who r willing to join post here. thank you.

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    I can play anythign but Goalie.
    The only TWO TIME TWLJ All-Star and TWLB All-Star who never played a game.

    Originally posted by Richard Creager
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      get me warmed up in hz, and i can rape anyone while in terr ez!
      hey I'm Paddy Tanniger the caddie manager yeah it rhymes big whoop wanna fiight about it??


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        I am a hockey god. Put me in a lev, and see all hell break loose.
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          Yeah baby Yea!!
          *signs up*
          spider - offense line
          "Life sucks and then you fly"


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            Re: A TW HZ TEAM!!! yeah baby

            im a pretty bad ass levi.... some other tw players who u should talk to include: Latrine, Dark!, Riarmada, Erad, GuruMeditation, Raspi, BlitzSturm... i know a whole bunch more... if ure interested.

            I'd like to be a part of this.
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              Reclusion aka Janus+ is really good, I've heard.


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                Good idea
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                  alright guys if ur interested email me

                  yeah janus plays hz with me
                  riar and dark r decent id like to see those 2 guys join
                  mayo i know u were the capt of a twht team? sounds kool. ive seen u play to spybreak. same with u hannes so just email me. ill email u back the squad chat after u email me showing interest. peace


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                    the best TWHT team.
                    Mayo Inc. - We should change god's name to "Tod"... see if there's any followers. - Mattey


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                      I've only played a little hockey, but it sure as hell is fun! If you wouldn't mind helping/training a hockey newbie, I'd love to join. :]

                      jasonofabitch loves!!!!


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                        "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."


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                          Originally posted by Annux
                          Reclusion aka Janus+ is really good, I've heard.
                          The championship is mine this year. Alas, I'm interim Ass. Captain for Misconduct.

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                          Fear me.
                          Respect me.
                          Love me.
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                            Just couldn't pull it out in Season 8 eh? Too bad :/

                            Or shall I say =)?
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                            1:koan> he's going to see this and be like WTFZ im a skinny vegeterian white dude with selective music tastes


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                              illuminati 2 win
                              The player with the biggest nuts.

                              - destroy