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I am starting to be VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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  • I am starting to be VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    While in game in "wormhole" poeple abuse the nogameenterdelay and spawn until the 5th death where they reach the suicide limit... and get d/c. When trying to ask for ?help since it clearly say "spawn killing isnt illegal" robo help answers and says pm him !summon for help, NOONE EVER ANSWERS!

    Im posting here since i dont know who to contact......

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    Give em a taste of their own medicine and spawn them back.


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      Ya cant once they start....
      In wormhole you dont respawn in safe you start with 1 energy where you died......


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        soooo.... are you VERY DISAPPOINTED yet? or still starting

        hey I'm Paddy Tanniger the caddie manager yeah it rhymes big whoop wanna fiight about it??


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          Exactly what I was thinking, Spy :/
          Originally posted by Ward
          OK.. ur retarded case closed


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            Incidentally picano, you made a help call regarding this yesterday, and I responded to you about a minute after your call. Unfortunately you never responded back, and when I did a ?find on you, you had left the game. Find me or another staff member in game and I will help you out with the situation.

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              Sry bout leaving after the help tht time but i eiher lagged or was spawned into d/c.......