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  • TWD Ladder Reset

    TWD Ladders have been reset! TWL Staff will be using these ladders to monitor activity levels of squads planning on playing in TWL so please make your TWL squads if you haven't already!

    As a side note, the ladders will now only show squads that have been active in TWDD/TWJD in the last 10 days as well as squads active in TWBD in the last 15. If you are wondering why there are currently squads left with no games played and 1000 rating this is why.

    I know a few of you were asking to have some of the inactive squads removed from the squads lists, but if we have to pick and choose which ones to remove then we will have to go in and manually dissolve these and that is a task for a member of TWD staff to complete as I don't have the powers needed for that.
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    An improvement would be if squads with 0 games played didn't show at all. (if GP == 0 then continue)
    I'm happy to go through the squad list and dissolve dead ones if someone gives me the powers temporarily.


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      +1 for deleting old squads that have been dead for years and years!